“A successor has not yet been clarified,” said a ZDF spokeswoman on Wednesday, the “image”-newspaper. In September, program Director Norbert Himmler had said in an Interview that the key person “will be decided until late autumn”. This schedule was not adhered to.

Himmler did not exclude in an interview with the magazine “Hörzu” also, for the first time in the history of the series, a captain, the tax could apply. “We are also thinking,” he said. Possible all variants – old, young, man, woman.

According to the “image” to the last actor Hardy Krüger jr. Desire candidate to have been as the successor of Sascha Hehn. He had not been able to take on the Job but due to time constraints.

criticism of Hehn goodbye: the series has “lost its charm”

had followed The parting of Hehn, as captain Victor Burger on new year’s eve 6,69 million viewers. The “MS Amadea” took a course on Japan. dpa/Dirk Bartling, Sascha Hehn has played in the ZDF-series “The dream ship” by captain Victor Burger.

Hehn announced his exit in may and dissatisfaction with the development of the series shown. You have lost “in the last two years of your charm,” said Hehn “image”-newspaper. “Maybe the went with Wolfgang Rademann – I don’t know, but my I would like to keep for a while.”

Rademann, who had died in 2016, had invented the Format. Since 1981, the “dream ship sails the seas” by the world. Before Hehn, Siegfried Rauch, Heinz Weiss and Günter king stood in as captain on the command bridge.

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