What will the new year bring? At least for the first minutes, we know pretty exactly. For 137 million euros, the German firecrackers shooting in the sky. In 2017, were imported for the big Bang 42.850 tons of fireworks to Germany. Two billion euros will be implemented worldwide with the new year’s eve pounding. A gigantic business with a couple of a few minutes, in which humanity, with its riot of courage makes for the new year and with your rockets a little bit of cheerful colors in the sky. What is the sky? dpa/Ralf Hirschberger new year’s eve party at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

It is time for optimism. Let us have a little more reason to hope for the year 2019, after to gone with 2018 a year of countless Irrationalities. Let us, in a year 2019, the truths of hope, after we have to endure twelve months a staggering number of lies and as you say just Fake News. And let us be a little more Moral hope. We will need it. About the author – Josef Seitz

policy is much more than what politicians say. Of Josef Seitz is convinced. He has directed a regional newspaper, and a media trade magazine, was the editor-in-chief of some of the great TV magazines, head of Department and Editor at the news magazine FOCUS. For FOCUS Online, he developed a passion for what can be a policy, a topic that concerns us all.

truthfulness, honesty, morality: these are not just values out of moth-eaten ham in the bookshelf. That means also: – cash benefit. The learning of each employee. Only those who feel valued in his company’s value, those who prefer reliability, and trust, can use to 100 percent for his employer and 100 percent power. Anyone who needs to have as an Employee is afraid to be betrayed, anyone who has seen that he is being lied to and that he can trust no promise, quickly use a part of his time and energy, move on to another employer. Security, the everyone is feeling because each day creates the basis for performance. So this is in the Small. And in the Large?

the lack of reliability

in The world there is a lack of reliability. “The times in which we were able to other completely leave the past are a little far”, had wound German Chancellor Angela Merkel a little and carefully formulated. The times of reliability are over, Donald Trump just blatantly obvious. All of a sudden, the US President announces to his soldiers from Syria and Afghanistan pull it off. Obviously, without any consultation with his coalition partners. The United States could not be, according to Trump continues to be the “world’s policeman”. The world obviously has too many places to visit that Donald Trump knows nothing. “We are in countries where most people haven’t even heard of. To be honest, It is ridiculous.“ Once again he shows it clearly: America first.

We have a experience advantage. We know: The “Germany above all” is more than seven decades of bitter, angry failed. It is only a single letter, and “failed” is “clever”. Europe, the old continent, has developed hard and painful to its new values. And a little cleverer, we should start Europeans actually to the exciting year 2019.

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