The Bavarian energy supply company (BEV) owes their clients money – that’s exactly 79.5 million euros, said. Certified insolvency administrator Axel Bierbach, the “Handelsblatt”. This is the sum of the promised, but until today not paid out as bonuses and cash. Overall, a quarter of a million customers are affected.

watches and cars instead of bonuses and credits

The cheap electricity provider payment, however, is unable – at the end of January for insolvency at the Munich local court. Apparently, the company would have been able to compensate even some of his customers, not fact.

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Instead, Boris Wehlauer, head of the genius Holding AG and is the sole member of the BEV is to have 15 to 20 colleagues Rolex watches worth more than 40,000 Euro per piece as a gift. The “image”newspaper reported. In addition, Wehlauer luxury to have vehicles in Switzerland leased. At the time, was the BEV is already in a precarious situation.

Also in the sponsorship of the energy utilities actively supported the Munich football school, the football club SSC Karlsruhe and other sports teams. Display For FOCUS Online electricity price comparison. Compare now and save!

Double withdrawals were intent

In September last year, there were 250,000 customers especially bad. You of the month was deducted post twice – allegedly because of a Bank error. As the “image” reported with reference to statements by former employees, have acted but of intention. Accordingly, the BEV have tried to secure their liquidity in the short term.

then, In December, the shock to the cheap electricity provider in 200,000 BEV customers announced due to strong price increases in the electricity contract – the Munich-based company, the financial resources were slow.

The BEV has already withdrawn. On the company side, it means now: “on the basis of the preliminary insolvency proceedings, all communications are overloaded channels of BEV. Therefore, requests cannot be currently answered.”

the customer go empty

Whether or not the injured clients receive the promised money ever, is questionable. BEV-insolvency administrator and lawyer Axel Bierbach not believe in it. “Unfortunately, it’s bad for the customers,” he told the “Handelsblatt”. “The Figures for 2018 show a huge loss,” said Bierbach. PDF power to save 1390 Euro to save Our PDF guide shows you how you can identify the power guzzlers in the household and a total of 1390 euros can save.To the PDF guide

In the case of the withheld bonuses it takes to handle the amount of 29.5 million euros, not credit paid even to an amount of 50 million euros.

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