Here, the question arises involuntarily: is to bring the SPD, the legislature really in the Grand coalition to an end? Or the party is not, in fact, on the time after that? Several statements from the SPD-heads from the last few weeks suggest that, at least, greatly to premature Grand coalition-the end:

1. Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil: “I know that it is a feat of strength”

in Particular is the focus for the last week, Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil. His demands for a basic pension were taken care of in the past week for discussions. In his examination of the SPD Board of management, was behind the medicinal claims for the concept for low-wage earners who have paid 35 years contributions – the Union, however, insists on means tests.

healing wish to Finance the basic pension from tax money: “I know that it is a show of strength,” the Minister said. Criticism from the Union countered salvation: He hoped that the coalition partners wanted to have a “reasonable pension”, which would deserve this name.

But also know that Without a means-testing will not engage the Union on its concept. If, however, until the regular end of the legislature in this field, nothing happens, the healing is not credible. That he staged his push yet to the public, shows that The Minister of labour sets an earlier election campaign. For this, he wants to sell to each the price of the Union – whatever the cost. Michael Kappeler/dpa Hubertus Heil (SPD), Federal Minister for labour and social Affairs, speaking in the Bundestag at 3. Reading on the adoption of the budget law draft of the Federal government for 2019

2. Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey: “We are in a coalition,”

at the beginning of February, Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey in the show from Anne Will. Shortly before the Grand coalition partners had reached a compromise in the dispute over the Abortion clause 219a. Accordingly, advertising for abortions remains forbidden to women but find the Internet easier information to have abortions.

On demand Wills, whether the SPD did not want to achieve much more, from wich Giffey: “We are in a coalition,” the Minister said with a shrug. Because you have to find a compromise. No one can succeed 100 percent, said Giffey without apparent passion. dpa/Britta Pedersen, Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey

The Dodge, the Minister is telling: It shows how much the SPD see the coalition, in the meantime, as a constraint with the smallest common denominator – and not once more properly about it annoys, if you can not enforce their own positions. Maybe it’s because you have plans already for the time after the Grand coalition?

3. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze: “So, if you’re in a coalition”

Similar to a resigned Minister, Mrs Svenja Schulze showed in the past week: The Minister of the environment had to be justified in the show by Markus Lanz for their lack of positioning on the subject of speed limit. “Now for a speed limit?”, Lanz asked the Minister. “We will not make it in this coalition, because our coalition partners strongly opposed. So, if you are in a coalition,“ Schulze made.

Both Ministers reveal inside of their own powerlessness: they show how desperate you are to keep it, to fight in the coalition for their own positions to the voters in the results presented. Each result is a compromise, for the result of the social-democratic Minister of work, to not fully stand up straight. Anyone who argues, has to leave the Grand coalition with a leg.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Minister of the environment reveals its own impotence in the case of Lanz 4. Party Vice-Malu Dreyer: “We make the state fit for the future”

Vehemently the Deputy SPD Chairman and Rhineland-defended-Palatinate Minister-President Malu Dreyer, the concept of your party for a welfare state reform against criticism from the ranks of the Union. “We make the state viable for the future,” said Dreyer. The SPD is currently the only party that has “an answer to the future labour market”. “The welfare state concept belongs to the programmatic realignment of the SPD.”

Dreyer makes with your statements is clear: The SPD, it’s no longer the Grand coalition. With the current coalition agreement, the social Democrats, no more to tear the faith. Now, radical Changes are needed. Whether the coalition is the ground partner in there, doesn’t matter. Important the SPD is only, finally, again with its own profile stand out. Harald Tittel/dpa Malu Dreyer, Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate

5. Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil: “We want to govern with ideas on the amount of time”

Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil was on Monday forced to defend the decisions of the previous day. While klingbeil was at least clear to the coalition partner: It was now, “talking very seriously” with the Union. To said accusations, the social Democrats were looking for a pretext for the Grand coalition-exit, Klingbeil in the ZDF-“morning magazine”: “We want to govern. But we also want to rule with ideas that are at the height of the time.“

By implication, it means that The SPD does not want to govern at any price, but is already thinking about the Grand coalition. Klingbeil is open with his statements a back door. So as the coalition is currently running, can’t it go in his eyes. Therefore, the party should devote itself to new goals. What if the Union does not go along there and “Reign on the amount of time”, like sounding it settling wishes, not possible? In the autumn – after the European elections, four state elections – want to pull the social Democrats the balance sheet. It is not excluded that you choose then the back door out of the coalition. dpa/Gregor Fischer, SPD General Secretary, Lars Klingbeil

6. Party leader Andrea Nahles: “The question as to the whereabouts of the coalition’s zero-theme”

not for us, As a party leader Andrea Nahles on Monday at the presentation of the exam results after a whereabouts of your party in the Grand coalition is asked, your reply is clear: “I don’t know what to do with the decisions of the weekend with the question as to the whereabouts or Non-whereabouts in the coalition. This was a Zero issue, to be exact,“ the party boss and makes it clear that For the SPD strategy, the government is beside the point. Rather, it is about to arm the party for a time after the Grand coalition-the end. On the weekend Nahles stressed: “This is really a new beginning.” Gregor Fischer/dpa Andrea Nahles, Federal Chairman of the SPD, speaks after a closed-door meeting of the top and of the Executive Committee of the SPD at Willy-Brandt-Haus

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit survey: SPD-governments lose the majority in two provinces


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