On the way to a birthday lunch in the Showroom, the guests admired old friend in a new light: just in time for the special day, Hubert Burda has been concentrating on the two of Warhol’s “Munich Images” and “Magazines in History were” back in Munich the Foyer. Both works of art are closely connected with the Burda has been concentrating. Now they Shine in Munich and show that Media is art!

Andy Warhol was, as we would say today – an Influencer for Hubert Burda, said Stefan Sattler in his welcoming speech. Warhol understood like no one else on the art of self-staging. What is happening in social media today is a mass phenomenon, had lives of the artists Warhol, decades in advance. Stand out photos, pictures and collages, so distinctive and attract attention – it came to him.

In a cheerful atmosphere, Hubert Burda shared these thoughts with his guests and celebrated his birthday and the return of Warhol’s. “With you I celebrate, by the way, most of all,” the publisher to its guests, “with the editors-in-chief and the blade-makers, and with all the people who make our media so successful.” Daniel, the reason for Hubert Burda Media publisher Hubert Burda DLD founder Steffi Czerny

“A man who makes the difference”

the honor of The birthday speech this year to the management Board Philipp Welte, who thanked in a special way with Dr. Burda. “You are a person who has the power to make his Vision, his view of the future come true,” said the publishing Executive, “you have not written history, but made.” Hubert Burda was “a man who makes the difference”.

So much for the perspective on the publisher, but how to the looks yourself? Because Hubert Burda has answered the famous questionnaire of Marcel Proust, in spite of repeated requests by the FAZ magazine never did Philipp Welte for him – after inbound searches in the closest environment of the publisher. In this way, he drew a special picture to the publisher’s full of Humor and respect in the face of a great live performance.

In the table talks by the sound of it: It is a privilege to be able to the company Burda shape. Because Burda blooms, radiates and shines.

editor’s note. d. Red.: FOCUS Online is part of Hubert Burda Media.


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