Emirates is the largest A380 customer. The airline had decided to reduce the A380 orders from 162 to 123 machines. This would be taken in the next two years, 14 more remaining A380. As a consequence, Airbus would stop its deliveries by 2021, the company said.

The passenger jet has prepared the company for longer. In the past few years, hardly a flight line had ordered a model. Airbus threatened, the orders go out. The group drove back the annual production of last at times up to 30 machines to just six copies.

there is No basis for continuation of the production

as a result of the decision of the Emirates there is no order volume is more and hence no basis for a continuation of the production, said group CEO Tom Enders, according to the memo.

Airbus will include in the next few weeks, discussions with the social partners on the 3000 to 3500 Points, which could be affected in the next three years. It will, however, give numerous options for internal change.

parts of the air giants are produced at Airbus sites in Germany – including Hamburg, Bremen, Stade and Augsburg. Because of the downturn in the A380 are thousands of Jobs available nationwide, already on the Brink.

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