After the accident, one of the largest container ships in the world in the North sea, more and more flotsam appears to Frisian beaches, including hazardous materials.

On the Dutch Wadden sea Islands, Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland were discovered, according to the Dutch coast guard more than 20 containers. Germany remained spared. “So far, no Container of the MSC, were washed up on the German North sea coast, Zoe,” said the spokesman of the Central command for Maritime emergencies in Cuxhaven, Germany, on Thursday afternoon.

cargo should not be touched

Basically, you warn, though, on the beach, found the Container, touch the container parts or objects, added to the Central command for Maritime emergencies. Also for ship transport, the containers represent a risk. Special attention in Germany are the East Frisian coast to the island of Borkum, a warning message is valid.

The Giant cargo ship “MSC Zoe” lost in the night of Wednesday on the way from Antwerp, Belgium to Bremerhaven around 270 Container in a stormy sea. “So far, we can confirm that a maximum of three containers with dangerous goods on Board,” said a spokesman for the Central command for Maritime emergencies in Cuxhaven, Germany, on Thursday afternoon. “These containers have not been found.” The company makes a company special-purpose ships with sonar technology in the search. Netherlands Coastguard /Reuters A Screenshot from a Video of the CCME shows slipped cargo on the container ship MSC ZOE

televisions, refrigerators, toys, soap dispenser

The Netherlands is set for the clean-up of the army to work on their beaches. Soldiers should be sent there, as the defense Ministry announced in The Hague. The mayor of the Islands of Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog had asked for help. Beaches and coasts are littered with packaging waste and objects from the containers. A volunteer could not do it alone.

among other things, Auto spare parts, furniture, fridges, TV’s, toys, plastic soap dispenser and the OP-clothes were rinsed. In the Dutch Wadden sea island of Schiermonnikoog, a bag with about 25 kg of toxic powder was discovered. Initial findings suggest that it is a substance from the group of Peroxides, reported the authorities of the province. The substance will now be examined. Tests should result in what exactly it is.

A helicopter of the Federal police, and an oil monitoring airplane of the North looking to the West of Borkum, spacious. Also ships were sent to the area of operation. “The Work will take several days,” said Hans-Werner Monsees, head of CCME. Fred Prak/dpa Volunteers to help at a clean-up operation on the coast of the Dutch island of Terschelling

“I can’t remember a similar incident,”

“The final number of containers will only become apparent in the census in Bremerhaven,” said the spokesman. This could take a few days. The rescue squad had previously declared, after consultation with the crew of the freighter that at least one of the Container of dangerous goods containing it – namely, Dibenzoyl peroxide, used in the production of plastics. The chemical is used for the curing of resins or as a bleaching agent for Oils, fats and waxes. In extreme cases they can explode in extreme heat.

The “MSC Zoe” laid out according to Central command for Maritime emergencies in the night on Thursday in Bremerhaven. She is ships with about 395 meters in length, one of the largest container. Also when containers were lost overboard, is the number this time is particularly high. “I can’t remember a similar incident in the North sea,” said a spokesman. So the end was 2016 cargo on the beaches of Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, Langeoog and Norderney driven. But thousands of surprise eggs was then, even international headlines.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit/nonstop news Were on North sea beaches, washed up flr/dpa


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