With constant checks, for example relevant to hookah Bars, to disturb the business of the Clans and the hunting pressure increases. But this seems not to be enough: The Ruhr city, the criminal activities of several members to create Arabic large families so that the police has now launched an “action plan clan”, as WAZ

Since the 1 reported. December exists within the authority, a so-called “special organization” (BAO) from officials, the only deal with this particular issue, confirmed spokeswoman Sandra stone Brock FOCUS Online. Such Teams would otherwise be formed only for Major events such as demonstrations or attacks.

This shows how seriously the police in Essen takes up the theme. Finally, you may be thinking, probably, many residents of the most affected the Essen North city. Finally, the problems have existed for years, but political and security authorities did little about it. The Clans took advantage of this and expanded their influence more and more, the criminal structures solidified. With the sentence: “We have seen that we need to establish a broad,” admits police spokeswoman stone Brock, that the efforts of the past years have not been sufficient.

“fight of the clan crime is> a main objective”

“heart” of the BAO is a Team, which takes care of investigations. Here, in the future, all information on crimes committed by Clan-members to run together. In addition, the officials are supposed to deal so intensively with the structures that you can dark reveal fields and in the shops. The group “prevention and control” to accompany the “Zero tolerance strategy” and the constant checks. The officials should keep in close contact to the partners of the police, about the city, customs or a public Prosecutor. “We are not able to cope with the Problem alone, but need a cooperation partner,” says stone, Brock. This close relationship should help to avoid avoidable mistakes in the investigation, the prevent then before the court, a conviction. Because stone Brock white: “The other side has good lawyers.”

A third pillar of the group prevention and protection of victims. You should take care of, on the one hand to persons, as a witness to testify in court, for example, in their role as investigators, or customs official. Since the Clans are notorious for witnesses to intimidate, it is from the point of view of the Essen police is important to protect these persons, in order to reach really convictions.

“the structures of the Clans

breaking up” The victims ‘ group should take on yet another task. Namely, it should design, together with the other authorities, concepts, to facilitate family members want to have anything to do with the criminal activities of their Relatives, the exit. “Thus, the structures of the Clans should be broken up. But it is a thick Board,“ says spokeswoman stone Brock.

Something remains unclear how the authority wants the success of this “action plan” to measure. The spokeswoman stressed that the number of Ads to be a criterion. However, the extent to which more or less is a positive or negative development is to include Ads represent, is doubtful. The other parameters of Success, the stone Brock calls – state level of acceptance and the feeling of safety of citizens increased, are difficult to measure. However, the police pointed out that already in the course of 2018, the number of Clan-complaints from residents in the Northern city fell. It remains to hope that the “action plan” promoted this development.

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