I am sure you know someone who has a monopoly on eternal youth. Some people don’t seem to change at all, neither gray hair nor wrinkles. Other aging in time lapse. And how fast cars as of yesterday? Here are a few examples.

Fiat Panda

With his cuddly namesake, the Fiat Panda of the year 2009 had no significant Similarity. The 2019er model that has been built since 2011, aims with his Googly eyes and the softer lines even more on the “Oh he’s cute!”-Reflex. And his predecessor in a pretty old look.

ADAC Fiat Panda 2009 and 2019

Ford Mustang

Why the Ford Mustang was not ten years ago in the German Ford-dealers, but only his successor? Probably because not only the angular look, but also the simple quality would be in this country on the final settlement. The current Version (as of 39.900 €), which has a large fan base.

ADAC Ford Mustang convertible 2009 and 2019

Kia Sportage

How quickly time flies: The Kia Sportage in 2009 looks dusty compared to today’s counterpart. Technically, a lot has happened. The 48-Volt mild-hybrid technology, the current Sportage model was completely unknown at the time.

ADAC Kia Sportage 2009 and 2019

Mercedes A class

There are only a few vehicles that have changed in the course of time, your essence completely. The Mercedes A-class is one of them. In 2009, she was a virtually-variable Mini-Van is still the darling of the older Generation. Today, you not only sit a floor below. With all sorts of technical Overkill, it should inspire the Generation Smartphone.

ADAC Mercedes A-class 2009 and 2019

Mercedes E-class

And an example from the house of Daimler. The angular face of the old E-class with the distinctive headlights, was certainly not for everyone. But more charisma than the current model, with generally compatible with the Universal Front, you had all.

ADAC Mercedes E-class 2009 and 2019

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The Mini seems to be a fountain of youth like it. In the course of the years has changed in Bavaria was developed in English. Not because the Designer would come up with anything New. This is more to do with Tradition. A Mini should stay a Mini and immediately recognize as such. Betting that the Little one will also see in ten years ‘ time very similar?

ADAC Mini three-door model 2009 and 2019

Renault Twingo

Small and cute, the Renault Twingo is still. However, because the current model was co-developed with Smart, technically everything is different. The engine sits in the rear, it is available only as a five-door hatchback and, thanks to Mini-turning circle, he can turn almost on the spot. And visually? The old Twingo, you can watch still…

ADAC Renault Twingo 2009 and 2019

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Toyota RAV4

Very nice and old-fashioned it looks, the Toyota RAV4 from ten years ago. No wonder, after all, it is the second-to-last Generation. Between 2013 and 2018, there was still another model. The RAV4 of 2019 with his chiseled body clearly massive. Instead of diesel engines, the new relies on hybrid technology.

ADAC Toyota RAV4 2009 and 2019

Volvo S60

What in 2009 for timeless elegance from Sweden, today seems quite old-fashioned. Especially in direct comparison to the current model of the old S60 does not stitch more. Although Volvo buyers grab in this country almost exclusively to the multi-branch V60, to keep the Swedes at the saloon. Why not, if the sedan looks like so successful as here.

ADAC Volvo S60 2009 and 2019

VW Passat

The classic for families and representatives, has developed quite nicely and is really elegant. Against the powerful SUV-offer can not say, but also the wolf Burger is as good as it used to. The next Passat Generation for mid-2019 is already in the starting holes, with only slight retouching.

the ADAC VW Passat 2009 and 2019

*The contribution of “10-Years-Challenge: quickly out to see the cars old” comes from the German ADAC. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.


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