But while Otto celebrates the normal citizen in the living room or a Restaurant, chose a small guard an extravagant place: the German Bundestag. First of all, the “daily mirror” reported in a Newsletter about the process.

small guardian has asked his guests on the roof terrace of the Jakob-Kaiser-house, where many MPs have their offices. However, a member may not use the premises of the Parliament building for such events? And how the politicians came up with the idea to celebrate new year’s eve at his workplace, with premium views of the Reichstag? FOCUS Online has checked with small guards, and the Bundestag administration.

“citizen’s work” on new year’s eve

At the request of the AfD-man shall notify, in writing, that he was entitled to as a member of Parliament “expressly”, guests in the Bundestag invite. For him invitations from constituents had “a substantial part of the parliamentary work”. He recorded the new year’s eve reception under the heading “citizen’s work”.

The event had an “extensive political-parliamentary relation,” he writes. To meet all of its events, like a Christmas song sing on the 15. December. These are often embedded in “a pleasant social contexts” – to be enjoyed new year’s eve guests a luxurious view of the Reichstag.

To his 24 guests small guard for privacy reasons no further information. He writes merely that it was “politically interested citizens of the EU”. Further, he stresses that “all approvals were received by the administration of the Bundestag without complaint”. The cost he paid out of his own pocket.

deputies can in the Bundestag reserve

FOCUS Online has also consulted with the Bundestag administration. A spokeswoman replied that the Deputy can receive in the premises of the Bundestag guests. A free reservation is required, but no approval. It confirms that small guard at 31. December and on 1. January had booked two rooms “for mandate-related event”. Information about the contents of non-existence. Here, the policy-Newsletter

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it is Unclear what permits small guard means, if such are, according to a spokeswoman, that this isn’t necessary. Whether to busy new year’s eve already common spaces by members, not shared with you.

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