“For such cases, it needs an effective deterrent,” commented Seitz on Saturday, an article in the “world” to the case of the asylum seeker. “A Change of art. must be 102 GG no taboo.” The article 102 States in brief: “The death penalty is abolished.”

Want the insertion of the AfD-member of the Bundestag, therefore, the death penalty, asylum-seekers, deter? So it is understood at least hundreds of Users on Facebook and Twitter. “You disgust me!” was one of the nicer answers.

Even the party leadership reacts

the derailment of Seitz, the AfD party leadership responded. “Article 102 GG can’t be made for us, in principle, for Disposition,” it said in a statement the party spokesman Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland. “The most recent Expression of the will of Thomas Seitz (…) is a private expression of opinion, which is the Position of the party and the group completely incompatible.”

With a lengthy statement on Facebook rowed Seitz, in the meantime, back again. Tenor: It was all meant to be very different. “Of course, my comment was a deliberate and targeted provocation, and if you look at how many excited do-gooders since yesterday it work, also successful,” wrote Seitz.

Anyway, the article 102 in the basic law is “basically superfluous”, says the AfD in the Bundestag deputies. Because the death penalty is, according to the prevailing opinion, with reference to the principle of human dignity in article 1 of the basic law is not admissible, anyway. And also, Seitz stressed that the AfD would call for the re-introduction of the death penalty.

controversy Ellwanger asylum seekers

In the article from the “world”, the AfD-politician echauffierte, it was a case of a man from Cameroon who was deported in June 2018 and to Italy. The man had accommodation in a Demonstration against a police operation in the Refugee Ellwangen, in Baden-Württemberg organized.

In the case of the use had want to prevent refugees part with violence, and that a resident of the home will be deported. The police then went solid against the residents. The case made nationwide headlines.

For the return of the husband to Germany, had used then, a wide range of supporters of the Alliance. The Cameroonian had been deported from “political reasons”, of violent resistance was to him, “been sealed,” it said in a Petition by the Alliance. Instead, the man was traumatized, “difficult”, because he has been persecuted in his home country, religious, and in Libya mistreated.

Meanwhile, the Cameroonian was back in Germany and have applied for asylum. Under current law this is possible. Currently he is housed in a reception facility in Karlsruhe, Germany, reported the SWR.

official status withdrawn

The AfD in the Bundestag, Seitz is attributed to the völkisch-nationalist right-wing of his party. For the headlines he made last September, when he, the baden-württemberg Ministry of justice revoked the status of civil servants.

The former state attorney Seitz had posted terms such as “quota Negro” and the “ethos of justice” on the Internet and in breach of the duty of moderation failed. In addition, he had injured according to the Ministry of justice, the duty of loyalty to the Constitution, because he had referred to the German state as an “instrument of Oppression”.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit AfD radicalized the Bundestag? Schäuble has a different opinion than Roth and Kubicki


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