the Joop: that’s Why Heidi Klum and Tom are ready for a child

Thursday, 14. February, 04:17 PM: fashion designer Wolfgang Joop fashion Star Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz keeps ripe for a child.

“I know that Tom is the one who bears responsibility for Tokio Hotel, for his brother,” said the Designer to the “image”-newspaper. And Heidi, his judge-colleague of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, in addition to your qualities as an entertainer is someone who have done with four children and a great life. The two would lead to a model relationship. “Tom is a great assistance, because he thinks like you and has the same values,” says Joop, the “image”. The Tokio Hotel guitarist is absolutely the man to make Heidi happy.

Earlier, the fashion designer had to admit, to have it with the truth about a possible pregnancy of Heidi Klum, not to be exact. “The statement that Heidi was pregnant, was not meant seriously, but probably more of a wishful thinking from me,” the 74-Year-old to the Swiss “Blick”. He saw Tom and Bill Kaulitz just last weekend in Berlin, and Tom has confirmed no pregnancy. He could imagine very well that Tom Kaulitz wants a child with Heidi Klum. “He loves you through and through. And it is normal that young Lovers want to give each other a child.“

Wolfgang Joop is seen in the second episode of Heidi Klum’s Show “Germany’s Next top model” today, Thursday, as a guest judge on Pro7. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz want to get married in the spring. In December of 2018, they announced their engagement.

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