Abnormally high waves up to a metre above the normal tide are expected to 07.00 PM (CET). The warning covered ten provinces, a town in the southern Region of Mindanao, as well as the North of Indonesia. People should stay away from the beach, it was called. People whose houses are close to the coast, go inland.

According to the Institute of Volcanology and seismology of the Philippines is the epicenter of the quake was 162 kilometers to the Southeast of the municipality of Governor Generoso in the province of Davao Oriental.

The Philippines lie on the Pacific ring of fire, where about 90 percent of earthquakes occur around the world. The last strong earthquake shook the country in October 2013: at the Time, were killed by a quake of 7.1 magnitude, more than 220 people. In July 1990, a 7.8 magnitude died in a quake on the Northern island of Luzon, more than 2400 people were killed. That was one of the most serious earthquake, of which the country had ever been made.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit After the Tsunami: satellite images of the drastic change of the volcanic island sleigh/dpa/AFP show


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