With the inclusion of the Iranian freedom fighters, the NATO-member Albania again made a great contribution to peace and humanity. After decades of dictatorship, the Albanian people and their political leadership know the value of freedom.

Unfortunately, this behavior of the EU is recognised only insufficiently and not with a membership in the community is rewarded. While the EU, represented by the Commissioner for external relations, Federica Mogherini, courted still Iran refuses to tolerate Albania the fundamentalist influence of the Mullah-regime in its internal Affairs. And this just because a large part of the people are Islamic and in a great tolerance with the Catholic and Orthodox Christians peacefully live together.

the inclusion of The Iranian dissidents, the “people’s mujahedin” (MEK), was not a matter of course. As a reaction to the Islamist dictatorship in Iran, the secret service activities in Albania, and particularly the activities against the Iranian freedom fighters have intensified. The exile-Iranians had built up just with a lot of personal commitment and international support, a new settlement outside of Tirana.

Iran endangers the security situation in Albania

to make this the first success is negated, and used the Iran hostile methods against not just the Iranian exiles of the MEK, but endangered the security situation in Albania itself. In March 2018, the Albanian police foiled a terrorist attack on a large gathering of Iranian dissidents to celebrate the new year Nowruz in Tirana. Now Albania has the Iranian Ambassador Mohammadinia and other diplomats from the country. (Photo: DSFI) October 2018: The German Delegation, including members of the Bundestag, Martin Patzelt (CDU, left) and Thomas North (Left, front), visits an Iranian dissident in Albania.

even before the exile moved West Iranians to Albania, had used the United States of America for their safety. This time the Iranian dissidents also asked the Albanian government to help. On a visit to the exile-Iranians a few weeks ago by a German Delegation under the leadership of Professor Süssmuth and Otto Bernhardt (member of the Board of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung) and I took part. In our conversations with members of the Albanian government on this trip, it was already clear that it is dedicated to the intelligence activities of Iran in Albania the highest level of attention and assistance from the Western allies are asking for. About the guest author

Martin Patzelt (CDU) sits for the constituency of Frankfurt (Oder) – Oder-Spree in the German Bundestag. Previously, he was mayor of the city of Frankfurt (Oder). He is a member of the human rights Committee of the Bundestag.

Unfortunately, some governments of the EU are, however, Convinced that it makes more sense not to antagonize the Iranian Regime. This is all the more incomprehensible, since it is precisely in this year in France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark, assassination plans, or dangerous secret activities of Iran are observed to be. The police and secret service revelations led to the expulsion of diplomats, as it happened now in Albania. It is not to be overlooked that Iran has intensified its own state terrorist activities, but also its support of terrorist groups for several months.

to work around Common Action

This has its causes in the increasing unrest in Iran and the pressure on the government domestically, as well as the pressure exerted by the new sanctions policy of the American government Even the Federal Republic of Germany has decided that the Iranian airline Mahan Air from the European, respectively German air transport excluded, because they are transported as an extended Arm of the revolutionary guards terrorist groups and individuals, and thus, the threat of war and Terror in Europe, and particularly in the Middle East increased. These facts cannot be contradicted, and a joint Action with the United States will no longer deal for the Europeans.

Unaffected by these foreign policy initiatives of the United States for the restriction and prevention of the Iranian expansion policy is to be welcomed that Albania, the Iranian freedom movement and the representative of people’s mujahedin of support and freedom granted. The Chaos in the Middle East and the uninhibited expansion of fundamentalist ideas and ideologies can only be decisive and clear Action to counteract. This also includes the support of people who have dedicated their lives to the protection of freedom and the need to be self-protected.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “act of shame”: a German refugee Savior send appeal to Merkel-government


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