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the inheritance tax, could Yvonne have already been adopted in 1934, the identity of their mother, as this had died of a pleurisy, suspect the two Russians.

Jeanne Calment was a long time for a celebrity to rails because of the years without a trace of your passing. God must have forgotten, quipped the old lady happy, which is the Guinness book of documented longevity record still unbroken today.

The Russian mathematician Nikolai Sak was able to your history, however, not convincing. Together with the gerontological Valery Novoselov lied he searched for months biographies of Jeanne Calment, Interviews, and photos, eyewitness reports, and publicly available government data of their South of France home city of Arles. He came to the conclusion that it was the 1997 deceased’s impossible to Jeanne.

report will be different reactions

His investigations by Sak published on research gate under the title: “Jeanne Calment: the Secret of Longevity” (Jeanne Calment: the secret of longevity). Among the 17 evidence for his Thesis, the researcher lists a copy of Jeanne Calments identity card from the 30s, the information about eye color and body size with the appearance of the later Jeanne are the same. As they became famous, let her be, therefore, some of your old photos to destroy.

As a doctor, he had always been his doubts as to Calments age, says Novoselov. “The condition of your muscles not agreed with by peers and seniors,” he said. “She was able to sit upright without assistance, and showed no signs of dementia”.

The report of the two Russian scientists met with colleagues in different reactions. The French Gerontologist Jean-Marie Robine, who was involved in the Reviews for the Guinness book of world records, says he never doubted the authenticity of Calments documents. In an interview with AFP, he accused the two Russian scientists, to have those facts not taken into account in the discussions for the long life of Calments.

The former mayor of Arles, Michel Vauzelle, considers Saks theory “is completely impossible and ridiculous”. Jeanne Calment had been cared for over the years by numerous Doctors and monitored, he said.

“researched The more I read, the more I found contradictions”

However, the head of the French Institute of demo welcomes demographic studies (INED), Nicolas Brouard, Saks research. This is a further Argument to exhume the mortal Remains of Jeanne and Yvonne Calment, and to examine its DNA, he says. Shortly after Calments death, scientists had regrets that no autopsy was performed, to investigate the reasons for their longevity.

the idea, to investigate the case of Jeanne Calment closer, came to Sak in the search for a mathematical model for the life-span of considerably over a hundred years. “The more I researched, the more I found contradictions,” he says. The possibility that the daughter could have adopted the identity of their mother is discovered in a French book with the title “insurance companies and their secrets” from the year 1997.

Gerontologist Novoselov considers it important that the mystery of Calments age will be solved. “For us, the age of researchers Jeanne Calment is a Symbol. Your Name appears in all of the studies,” he says. It is all the more important for the research, “the true limits” of aging. Calments should be a record deleted, would the US citizen Sarah Knauss, the new record holder. She died in 1999 at the age of 119 years.

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