In Dortmund, you are a master of modesty. Nowhere else in Europe’s football landscape, the discrepancy between performance and expressed claims seem larger. In front of the microphones, the opinion leaders of the BVB fluctuate between “game” to “title, as of right now, no issue at all.”

The Intention behind it is clear, the pressure of expectation on the young Team should be kept to a minimum. And indeed, After the Cup defeat against Bremen and the late Hoffenheim-collapse loud criticism in Dortmund.

Bavaria’s weakness creates a pressure situation

But know behind closed doors you are at BVB, what Chance has developed the Team in the current season. With the much-heralded transfer offensive of the rival from Munich, the next Era of FC Bayern is already. Means: The time for a Dortmund championship is now – this year. imago/Thomas Bielefeld making lots of faces: The BVB players after the draw against Hoffenheim

A circumstance that can be the furious course of the season is quite the mental burden for the players and officials. The fear to forgive a one-time Chance is greater when you, as against Hoffenheim, a Three-goal lead.

in Spite of bad luck with injuries: BVB ready for the key game at Tottenham

Now the Champions League-duel in London at Tottenham Hotspur, an enemy that must definitely be for the advanced Elite of European football counted. For the Team of Lucien Favre, the two matches with the English is to change a key moment on the way to titles and honor this season. Get now your free trial month (display) Now Tottenham – Dortmund

With Paco Alcacer, captain Marco Reus and Lukasz Piszczek to experience live with DAZN three important performance carrier. Alone, the Duo of Reus-Alcacer puts it in the current season to 30 in a competitive match and 13 templates. The failure of the two top players hits the BVB hard. FIRO/FIRO/, SID/ Reus and Alcacer missing Dortmund in London

As a complete outsider Dortmund in the first knockout round with the Spurs. Because: With Jadon Sancho and the resurgence of Mario Götze, the attacking Arsenal has, in spite of the failures have enough clout.

The excellent squad planning of the BVB managers Michael Zorc and Lars Ricken is now paying off. In addition, the London plagues in the failures of Harry Kane and midfielder Dele Alli in a similar serious injury problems.

A victory against Tottenham strengthens the Dortmunder mostly dreams

the importance Of the duel does not lose thereby. BVB, this would mean passing the master’s examination. The flicker of uncertainty following a weaker Phase, would be gone. To create an injury-stricken team to a ranking among the best eight clubs in Europe, while at the same time steels the self-confidence for a heartbeat-finals with FC Bayern in the domestic League.

Two games in Europe, the outcome of which is likely to decide on more than just the quarter-finals. For Borussia Dortmund it is a lot more the Chance, the role of the Challenger in the fight for the title permanently.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Bayern-Boss Rummenigge: Champions League must get back to Free TV


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