The bells of the Alsfelder Church tower strike 13 o’clock – at the same time, the doors of the downtown pub open “For comfort”. Minutes before people walk tens of in front of the “Gemü” and wait for the traditional new year’s eve dice are finally ready to go.

the roll of The Dice was again this year a great rush: up to 40 Alsfelder had appeared in the cult pub, there your luck on the last day of the year challenge. There was a great tumult around the tables, where the industrious, the beakers were shaken: times on the head, sometimes under or sometimes over the edge of the table.

The rules of the game are simple: Everyone must roll on three dice. The eyes are counted together. Who will set the highest or lowest number (before the game) wins. The use of ten-Cent pieces were taken up to a Euro per game – among the Winning pastries, sausages or sparkling wine. The main prize in the “Gemü”, however, is the chicken coupon. This can redeem the winners in the course of the year in the pub. (Luisa Diegel)

you can See in the Video more about the Tradition of new year’s eve dice.

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