In the fight against tax fraud on the Internet-trade has exacerbated the Bundestag, the rules for Online platforms such as Amazon and Ebay.

According to the law, the adopted by the deputies on Thursday evening, in the future, in principle, the platform provider for sellers, who pay no sales tax. However, must agree to the Bundestag, the Federal Council of the new regulation.

With tax fraud in Online-trade will be lost to the state every year, hundreds of millions of euros. Especially with traders from the far East often have to deal with the sales tax. So far, the tax liability lies with the traders use the platforms to sell their Goods. In the absence of addresses, the tax office has not, but often do not have access, if the seller paid the taxes due.

Therefore, now be taken the operators of the platforms. You are not liable to you only for your dealer, if you submit to the tax authorities a certificate of tax registration of the seller.



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