The man was visibly upset, as he was in the South of Essen in a police control. Without resistance, Andreas N. after his rampage travel with an old Mercedes wagon, and settled in to the new year’s eve night. He indulged in xenophobic tirades: He had cleaned up””, he defended his attacks on groups of partying people in Bottrop, Germany and in his home city of Essen.

In the case of the attack of the 50-year-old Hartz IV had it apart receivers, especially on migrants. A total of eight men, women and children were injured. Equal to four Times the offender struck. Videos show how the charioteer drove a young woman almost over the pile, then later on the Berliner Platz in Bottrop, he slammed a 46-year-old Syrian. The woman could only be through emergency surgery saved her husband and the two daughters were also injuries due to the racially motivated attacks.

the ride ended in the vicinity of the apartment of his girlfriend

Next, we went to eat. At a bus stop N. held a throng of passengers, who were in the security queue. Close to the apartment of his girlfriend, the horror journey came to an end.

According to FOCUS-Online-information confirmed by the police later during the interrogation, the arrested man’s behaviour was psychologically striking. The impression trough. In the interrogation, Andreas N. was apparently his hatred of foreigners. He yelled about “wogs” and “black feet”. Also he is said to have made crude details of his subject. Therefore, he wanted to come up with his actions any attacks by Syrian or Afghan refugees before. A foreigner, he should have as a “Problem”.

Essen raged against immigrants

in Addition, the Essen-based quarreled with his fate. So, for example, that he had in vain in search of work and Hartz IV. Finally, N. raged about the immigrants, which would collect the same benefits as he, to have something done. On new year’s day, a magistrate issued a warrant for your arrest for multiple counts of attempted murder.

Although the investigators are still at the beginning suggests much on the act of a mentally disturbed lone perpetrator. “There was a clear intention to kill foreigners”, declared NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul, on the day after the fact. However, nothing, “the fact that this man was in some kind of radical right-wing circles,” said the CDU politician on Wednesday.

man was, at one time in a closed psychiatric clinic

housed During the search of the apartment of the amok driver is no evidence on contacts with the neo-Nazi found first scene. Rather, it seems to be that the alleged perpetrator “has developed from a personal concern and displeasure out of hatred for Strangers,” said Reul.

From the point of view of the prosecutors is evidence that delusions might have trigger the attacks as well. Andreas N. suffered for decades under a schizophrenic disorder. How to FOCUS Online learned that he lived in the year 2005 temporarily in a closed psychiatric clinic.

In the interrogation of the Accused reported that he remained in outpatient psychiatric treatment. Against the Background of the competent Essen public Prosecutor’s office wants to let “the issue of debt capacity” by a reviewer to check. The expert should come to the conclusion that the 50-year-old Essenes had been confused at the time of the fact, mentally, so he would have to be in a closed institution is located. At present, however, the Delinquent is still sitting in detention.

the case is reminiscent in some Details on a rampage travel from Münster

Some Details of the Car attacks in the Ruhr area, reminiscent of the death of the driver of Münster. The 48-year-old Jens R., a mentally unstable man, was killed in April 2018 with a Van in münster’s old town, four people and 20 other passers-by injured before he shot himself. Before his rampage, Jens R. had sent by Mail a bizarre Memorandum, in which the industrial designer’s mental described serious problems with his parents, as well as a guilt complex, breakdowns and suicidal thoughts.

However, differences are apparent. The former Investigations showed that R. had planned his murderous Tour over a longer period of time. The criminologists speak of a murder-suicide in which the perpetrator Weir takes lots of sacrifice with death.

The events of last new year’s eve night on the Ruhr, by contrast, suggest that it was a spontaneous act of terrorism. The findings, according to the Car grazed assassin for hours aimlessly through the area, before he struck.

so Far, the justice has not yet been announced, which led, ultimately, to let the last barrier fall. In investigators circles, the talk is of relationship issues to the friend, possibly, of separation. In the case of the police N. was according to FOCUS-Online-information that he is living together with his partner, but there is no love more.

The findings draw the picture of a loser, mentally, the thought, apparently, as a new year’s eve killer in a scene. In view of the xenophobic Motives informed the Federal Prosecutor on the case, said the Essen chief public Prosecutor Anette Milk.

The Karlsruhe-based prosecutors are currently examining. To learn how to but was, it seems, given the state of mind of the accused, the likelihood of a Federal investigator, protective case consider the new year’s eve attacks as an outstanding State in order to accept him.


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