“Hartz IV is to a large extent undisputed. No one wants to have the social help or the old employment office,” he said the Newspapers of the “Funke-media group”. However, there is a need for 15 years of course reform. So it would have to have people better, have longer to pay than others in social funds. “This idea I strongly support. And of course we need to fight child poverty is better than before.” It would have to be no completely new structures to be invented, to of wool which he heard in the rest of the first concrete proposals, he said.

Because it goes to some distance to SPD Leader Andrea Nahles, who had demanded that Germany should allow Hartz IV “behind”. A new backup should be from your point of view a citizen’s money, with clear and adequate services. Sanctions would be largely eliminated. In an Interview with “Welt am Sonntag” said: “The SPD stands for the right to work and not paid for doing nothing.”

Because, said there were many citizens who worked hard in full time and hardly have more money to spend than the recipients of transfer payments. He think it appropriate, “that there is in 2020, when the minimum wage has a larger SIP from the bottle”. He did not want to commit to the last Cent. “But twelve euros will have to be.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit AfD radicalized the Bundestag? Schäuble has a different opinion than Roth and Kubicki pk/dpa


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