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Actually, would have to take off Dldar Khudhur to each new day, but until now, he has the caretaker again and again fence. For almost two months now. Khudhur lives in a Last-Minute accommodation, has furnished the Students, and for people like him: students, who have found the beginning of the semester, no place to Stay. Actually, the rental period is limited to eight days.

14 students take advantage of this offer in these days, the number of those who are in urgent need of an apartment that is likely to be considerably higher: 1547 applicants were at the end of October on the waiting list by the Hamburg Student Union for a place in a residential home. There are 4350 residential home places at prices between 250 and 400 Euro for some 108,000 students. If you add the squares of the private carrier, well-5700 residential home places in the city. Anders: Well everyone 20 said. Student in this way are reasonably cost-effective.

This article dates back to the TIME no 48/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Dldar Khudhur is 27 years old and visited for nearly two years, the College, in order to obtain an authorisation for the study to be of Iraqi education qualification is not recognised here. He would prefer to study medicine. Five times he has moved in by this time, a temporary solution to the next.

Khudhur the beginning of 2017 from Gießen to Hamburg came, he found first a place in a student dormitory. After three months, he had to take off again. Short-term rental, you can call the students ‘ work. After that, he moved into an Airbnb apartment. Actually, you should cost per night 25 Euro, that is 750 for a month, but the landlord was nice and contented himself with 400 Euro.

The next stop was then the longest and most pleasant in Khudhurs current student existence: nine months in a private residential home in Wandsbek. Nine months without moving! What a luxury. In this time Khudhur also got an offer for a room from the Students. Instead of immediately saying that he had a question and found you via Mail, which had the consequence that he got the room, but, as he describes it, from the waiting list flew.

Soon after, the rude awakening: The dormitory in which he lived, was sold to a new operator, the rent increased from 545 Euro to 649 Euro per month. Too much for Khudhur. It’s been two months followed by a short-time rent in a student residence. In June 2018, he moved more, this time in a dormitory of the Student services in Harburg. He describes it as loud and dirty, and often he was awakened in the morning at six by the noise of the street, on the weekends was to think of the peace of the night, in sight of his window, there was a Bar. Learning had not been possible, says Khudhur, he drove to the state library. “Every Time I’m with the Studienkolleg or the work back to the residential home, I was so depressed,” says Khudhur. “The toilets and the kitchen were so disgusting.” After three months, the residence was renovated in the home, at the end of August Khudhur had to take off once again. He went back to his previous residence, where he was already for the short-term rental. Now, back to the short-term rental for a month.


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