The iPhone payment service Apple Pay in the USA for four years. In Germany there is so far only the competitors Google Pay. Now, the Californian company wants to offer a convenient payment option for owners of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch payment by fingerprint.

as of the end of the year via Apple pay, you need to load only the data of your credit – and debit-card on the iPhone or iPad pre-installed App “Wallet”. They are backed up by fingerprint and can then be used for cashless payments, using.

Many financial institutions to cooperate

The only prerequisite is An account at the appropriate Bank. Apple gave to the banks, credit card providers and Apps that will support the payment system in the future.


comdirect, Deutsche BankFidorHanseatic Bank Hypo VereinsbankO2 Banking

credit card providers:

American Express master card (plus the Maestro), Visa

Banking and Payment Apps:

BunqBoonEdenredN26 VimpayHier you can pay with Apple Pay

The payment via your iPhone will be in all stores with NFC-enabled Terminal. Thanks to the many conversions to iPhone, can pay the owner so soon in the case of Aldi, Lidl, Netto, Real, and Kaufland contactless.

this is Possible also in the case of the Fast Food Restaurants McDonalds and Burger King, and fashion chains such as H&M and S. Oliver, at petrol stations like Aral and Shell, as well as the electronics markets Media Markt and Saturn.

in Addition will allow many Apps to contactless Apple pay. Both in the case of food services, such as Foodora delivery as well as airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet may in the future be via Apple Pay, paid. For the business transaction is created for each Apple Pay a fee of 0.15 per cent. Thus, the cost of the dealer are, however, not higher than a normal card payment.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit After 30 minutes at 50 percent: A method iPhones loads in record speed psch Apple Pay Bank shopping


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