compared to The past cyclists remain today in Winter an integral part of urban transport. Because At Minus 5 degrees, it is on the bike much more pleasant than waiting at the train station on the S-Bahn. The wheel is also in the Winter in the city compared to all the other means of transport in the advantage: It has its own seat, and the journey time is one hundred percent predictable. Even if roads and rails full of snow, nothing goes through the wheel.

in Order to be warm in Winter and safe on the road, you should pull the bike, clothes and driving style for a winter check. Anyone who is uncertain whether he can perform the necessary adjustments or repairs to safety-related Bicycle parts, you should go to a specialist Bicycle dealer. Often is also offered here with a special winter service. Due to the short day length, in particular, a functioning lighting on the bike is important. The Person

Martin Hansel, Deputy Director of the FEDERAL nature conservation in Munich. Him to nature conservation are topics such as wild animals in the city, and tree protection on the heart. Of particular concern is it to him to explain to others the processes of nature and to allow them to behave in an environmentally conscious.

tips for a winter-proof bike

A reliable, functioning lighting system, with LEDs and a Dynamo hub, is essential, because often to back his way to work, both in the morning and in the evening in the dark. Make sure that the lighting system is approved for road transport (wave-shaped mark, letter K, approval number). Also, the brakes must function reliably and be easy to operate, may be the grip width of brake lever must be on the gloves set. On a smooth surface is of particular importance to the tires. More visible, wider tyres than in summer, it is recommended that a reduced air pressure in the tires than in the summer increases the grip.

Increasingly, spike put through to the driving wheels in the Winter tires. Especially the front wheel should surface in icy, frozen ruts, etc., are on Spikes converted, has a wegrutsch end of the front wheel, but in General a fall. A wegrutsch end of the rear wheel, however, is less dramatic.

studded tires on the front and a profiled sheath having a reduced air pressure on the rear wheel. So the wheel is driving in ice and snow, and the rolling resistance remains in the frame.

of Course, all moving parts should be cleaned regularly and, if necessary, oiled. Fixed freezing brake and derailleur cables can, if appropriate, (after thawing in the basement) with a penetrating oil that displaces moisture, back on the road. In stubborn cases, also new end-caps to help the Housing against re-ingress of water or completely encapsulated trains. High-quality Igh in the Winter is less susceptible to snow, mud and freezing temperatures as the chain circuits. Also can be used in the case of a hub, which is a completely closed, circular chain guard. Models floating on the chain, “” are robust, protect the drive from dirt and salt, and reduce the strain on the pants.

Cycling: clothing tips in Winter

The good old onion is a trump: We should stay warm and mobile, but don’t sweat it. You have to squint so rather comfortably on the road instead of on the minutes. Reflective materials or special reflective vests for cyclists are recommended. Since hands and feet are on the wheel the fastest way to cold, this is a protection especially important. Besides good gloves, Shoe covers (e.g., neoprene) to keep the feet warm, extended if necessary, but again, quickly and easily. Who is not in the Winter, long underwear, can stop on the way to the office, the legs, alternatively, with a rain over-pants warm. This is not a solution for long tours, yet it is often completely sufficient for the short and medium-length routes in the city. Face cream, or very cold temperatures or Wind face protection and a fog-free glasses against Wind and snow to complete driving the “winter cover”.

hat instead of a hood! It is particularly in town traffic, it is important to keep track of everything around you. Hoods often limit the field of view. Especially when Crossing intersections or when turning which can be dangerous. Also, the hearing impaired is under the hood more than a cap. For the added comfort of a sheepskin on the saddle, so comfortable you can sit in any Bus.

tips for driving style in the Winter

As a cyclist, you should think for all other road users. Much more than in the summer, a defensive driving style is in the Winter, about everything. Only by a very foresighted Driving, many dangerous situations can be avoided. Abrupt braking or steering maneuvers in the Winter frequently Plunge. Therefore, a sufficient safety distance to Park cars, pedestrians, etc., is particularly important. Risk of changing floor coverings, which are different slippery such as Asphalt, lane markings, pavement or cycle track recessed bollard. Unfortunately, this “special” on bike paths. In particular, in curves, particular caution is called for. On bridges it is often icy, as the Paths before and after. Also some longitudinal grooves (tram tracks) or the longitudinal edges between the cycle path and walkway: This can be obscured by snow, but still a serious obstacle.

never Rely on other road users, especially motorists see you. Anyone who is a regular with the wheel on the road, will recognize very quickly where dangers lurk. Therefore, it is in the Winter, on well-known Because of their hazards can be estimated better, safer on the road. Best always a little more time than in the summer for the same route schedule.

Unnoticed by these tips must, of course, be equipped in the Winter, a Bicycle in accordance with the StVO-traffic safe.

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