The Belief that Kimi Raikkonen is again a formula-1 race win, had I lost at the beginning of September.

In Monza started my favorite Finn from Pole Position, he would have been allowed to prevail and to – and didn’t make it. Just A Second. So the first loser. Trophies for third places has accumulated Raikkonen anyway like no driver before.

I had always a weakness for Kimi “Iceman”, because he seems so unapproachable. The season of 2018 was the best of his second Ferrari Era, it was missing a victory, and in the autumn, the opportunities were less. Reuters Lewis Hamilton (R) applauds Kimi Raikkonen

Recently had triumphed Raikkonen in March 2013, five and a half years, respectively, in a time from a distant galaxy.

Raikkonen is not a racing robot. As a late thirties, he came back to life, with wife, children, and Instagram, which increased its global force in popularity. It is rarely, if ever, that the rigid formula 1 tends to the circus to Benefactor on 21. October in Austin, it was a fact.

Raikkonen won after 2044 days, and of course, he mimed the “Iceman”, the geizte of euphoria and no historical significance liked to recognize. For me, it was not equal to the emotional: As Raikkonen crossed the finish line, came to me in tears.

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