60 police officers were penetrated in the Morning in the office of the two publishers rooms in Gladbacher Straße in Neuss, Germany, to a variety of business documents to back up propaganda materials, flags of the former head of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, the data carrier and the evidence. The search took place without significant incidents or Resistors.

The officials, including the tax police, were on behalf of Horst Seehofer’s on-the-go. The Federal Minister of the interior had issued a prohibition order against the Mezopotamien Verlag und Vertrieb GmbH, of the books of the PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan, with the titles such as “war and peace in Kurdistan” and propaganda magazines such as “women in the Kurdish Guerilla” moved, as well as against the ME Multimedia society, the Kurdish music. Also, the private apartment of the Manager of both publishing, Ali K., was ransacked.

Seehofer said: “Just because the PKK is in spite of the ban in Germany, still active, is it necessary and advisable, to have the PKK in their place and the observance of the legal order.”

All of the business activities of the PKK for the benefit of,

The Federal Ministry of the interior (BMI), has been confirmed during the search of the business of the suspicion that the work of both associations cohesion of the PKK is used alone for the maintenance of the organizational together.

Under the Cloak of deception from publishers of all operating economic activities to the benefit only of the PKK, according to the BMI. “With its economic output, the action to be strengthened, the possibilities of the terrorist organization in Germany and Europe in a sustainable way. Thus, the effects of the PKK are being eroded-ban systematically.“

publishers as a mouthpiece for the PKK

For years, the two media companies are considered to be pipe since 1993, the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK and its follow-on organizations language. They belong to a far-reaching propaganda network with news agencies, Newspapers and TV channels controlled by the leading officials of the PKK-offshoot democratic Union of Kurdistan (CDK) of Belgium and the Netherlands. Also, the activities of the CDK are as in addition, 52 Kurdish associations in Germany.

publishers in Neuss were from Belgium

funded learned How to FOCUS Online, the publishing ban on insights gained from a RAID, the on 8. March 2018 in the Neusser media companies had been carried out. Previously, the investigator had requested the data from the vehicles, which in the case of a large-scale event in November 2017 propaganda material for the PKK.

The defenders of the State found in the sequence container of incriminating Material, including compromising papers and reports, showing that a Central economic and financial office of the CDK with its headquarters in Antwerp, the two Rhenish company subsidized. This office, in short, the EMD is called, acts as Central paying agent of the PKK in Europe. Accordingly, 25.000 euros per month, i.e. EUR 300,000 in a year, went from Belgium to the Mezopotamien publisher.

PKK has its supporters in socially-insured Jobs in Germany

According to findings from security circles, this sums coincides almost completely with the turnover of the Mezopotamien publisher specifies a year. The PKK has to FOCUS Online information in NRW so as an employee disguised PKK supporters in socially-insured Jobs in Germany.

in Addition, could occur the PKK through the publisher, as a Sponsor of major events, the expenditure as an operating expenditure and a tax advantage, the benefit of the PKK leadership in Europe. The proceeds from the sales were returned according to the prohibition of the disposal of the EMD.

The leaders there coordinate according to the authorities, the financing of the entire PKK apparatus in Europe, as well as the diverse range of PR-services. “Overall, the PKK is taking advantage of their Print and television media to mobilize their followers and to the dissemination of Kurds with specific issues,” States the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) is already in a Dossier from the year 2015. A portion of the profits goes according to the findings of the security authorities in fighting units in crisis areas in the East of Turkey, Syria or in Northern Iraq.

Germany is a “space of retreat, the funding and recruitment”

With a total of 14,500 members of the Kurdish workers party in this country, by far, the largest foreign Extremist group. She uses Germany, according to the BMI, as a “space of retreat, the funding and recruitment”.

Since 2004, according to the Ministry criminal investigation process with the PKK in a “very high four-digit number”. The attorney General determined, in so far 180 proceedings against the PKK. Since 1992, there were in Germany more than 70 judgments against other functionaries of the PKK in Germany in charge of the Federal Prosecutor General. 90 defendants were sentenced.

in 2000, PKK supporters in NRW

Germany, as a terrorist organization classified the PKK is divided into four areas: North, center, South 1 and 2. On top of a carefully selected management official who manages campaigns and rallies, statements to the 29 area managers and the financial resources to collect. Contradiction is not tolerated in the strictly hierarchical network. NRW, düsseldorf Ministry of the interior, reported count 2000 PKK supporters. Adobe stock/iStock/Compositing:Sascha Weingartz safety report, GERMANY

security is more than a feeling. It is the prerequisite for freedom and democracy. But safety is not a matter of course. They must be defended every day, against extremism, terrorism, Organised crime, cyber attacks. In a large series of FOCUS Online gives those people a voice, whose Job is to Germany’s security: police officers, soldiers, civil guards, and politicians. We analyze what needs to be improved and show new ways to a secure future in Germany.

Here you will find all of the articles in the safety reports.

Since time immemorial, the Rhineland and especially Cologne is considered as Hotspot of the Kurdish Left, about 40 per cent of all in Germany, Kurds living in NRW. “Extremism in North Rhine-Westphalia has no place,” emphasized NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) at noon. You have to consistently, and with all the legal means to prevent that, “the ban on the PKK is being circumvented under the guise of freedom of expression”.

Abdullah S. from North Rhine-Westphalia and fought as a guerrilla in Northern Iraq

Abdullah S., 52, is a typical case. The high-level PKK cadres, initially as head of the NRW section in the middle. He organized the annual Fund-raising campaign between Bonn and Münster, held rallies, sold PR-Material and decreed who was allowed to participate in seminars or gatherings of the PKK.

Temporary s. of the Kurdish guerrillas in Northern Iraq. Finally, he drew on the financial office the EMD of Antwerp, the money flows to the PKK in the entire EU area. In March 2015, the higher regional court sentenced him to Düsseldorf to six years in prison for supporting a terrorist group.

Europe, according to the Federal protection of the Constitution, “is the PKK a safe haven”. At the conclusion has changed until today.

PKK cadres to collect several million euros per year in Germany, a

in Germany, the Kurdish left-wing extremists may hope to lush grants. Simple Kurdish families in need during the regular year, campaign of the PKK donations to pay a few hundred Euro. In the case of successful business people, the amount can be in the order of ten times.

in 2013, the PKK gathered squad of nine million euros in their country people in Germany. The number today is significantly estimated to be higher.

It remains to be seen how the local Kurdish underground responds to the prohibition of the Neusser publishers. As the Federal government in 2008, took on the PKK channel Roj TV from the screen, kidnapped Kurdish irregulars on the mountain of Ararat in Turkey, a month later, three German hikers. Twelve days is the length of the kidnappers holding the mountaineers, before they let you free.

FOCUS Online/Wochit “source of threat-to put dry”: Erdogan tightens a collision course with the United States


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