In the song sings about a young man in Arabic. He’s sitting with five other young people in a circle. A girl drumming. Someone plays the guitar.

While he shows video snippets like this one of the Band rehearsals, sitting Xhemal Paci in a small, white-painted room with two narrow Windows. In a corner of the three boxes, in the other a drum. In between a piano and two guitars. In this barren rehearsal space, the group Plutoon meets recently.

Xhemal Paci founded the musical project Plutoon, young people of different cultures will help to bring together migrants or refugees to integrate into Germany, through music and joint ventures. There are now approximately 20 teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 25 years to Plutoon. In the beginning, there were only six to seven.

they come from Afghanistan, Turkey, Colombia, Kosovo, Sudan, Syria, and Germany. Some speak no English, if you come here for the first Time. But “music you can feel, you need to understand no language,” says Xhemal Paci, is actually Xhemalin this name but don’t particularly like.

almost four years Ago, travelled the Albanians, the then 16-year-old alone to Germany. It was a spontaneous decision, driven by the lack of training opportunities in his home country. At the time, he barely speaks a word of German. “Everything was new to me – the country and the language,” explains the young man who masters English well.

He comes to in a residential group from the youth welfare office in Marburg. His secondary school diploma is recognized, he was awarded a school scholarship, and makes an intensive German course. By the way, he participated in music projects, but the groups to solve.

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The music is a Mix of different languages

Also, that brings him to the decision to found two years ago, his own Band Plutoon. And for the burning of the back end of the man with the torn Jeans visually. Of his white Polo shirt with the Name of his Band glows in black font. He proudly shows the new Logo that he designed. Also on a website he is working on – and a real small recording Studio he dreamed of.

“My idea to start this group was that those who come here feel so foreign,” explains Paci. “Plutoon is our language.” And in this language there is no communication problems.

In a song the 20-Year-old German raps, then again in his mother language of Albanian. A girl sings at the same time. There is talk of stones on the way, of a lack of understanding of and from home. “Are you home – you’re free as a bird. You see everything from above. The Wind in your wings you always fly higher“, rhymes with the singer. Home for Xhemal Paci has become now of Marburg, he says. In Albania, he was not, since he emigrated in the year 2015.

“, Many of the refugees, but that’s not important,”

Some of the band members came as Paci alone to Germany. “Many are refugees, but that is for the Band not important”, because of the “refugees” don’t want to talk to the young man. “We say we are a mixed group, a project of integration”.

music and common activities intended to enable this Integration, to create trust. A goal of the group is simply to meet new people. “Music is the way” – this sentence comes out in a conversation with the Paci again and again. Through trust, the members begin to talk and process in music texts, experiences and even traumatic experiences-or-flight experiences, because the lyrics for their songs, the young people write themselves.

“If someone can’t talk about something, he can write lyrics and then make music” – how a young man from the Band that capsized a boat on the sea and a lot of luck survived.

the exchange of different cultures

“can You talk with us about things, be honest with each other,” says Paci. The Valeria, for half a year, part of the Plutoon. Valeria walked up to 2018 to the high school for the Blind and visually Impaired in Marburg. Here Paci made his intensive German course and met the now 22-Year-old. Later, he asked her if she wanted to join the Band.

communication problems in the group are rare, says Valeria: “If I have patience, then I also understand someone who speaks Arabic. You don’t need to understand every word, I think.“ And always there was another band member who could translate.

contact Xhemal Paci and “Plutoon” you can record the E-Mail address:

Join is free of charge, because “it’s not about the money”

The styles of music are like languages in the songs-a colorful Mix of Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop Once a week the members meet in the summer time on the banks of the Lahn – to make music. If you have a charity concert, and then rehearse it in front of it every day. Who wants to join, don’t need to play necessarily an Instrument. The band members teach each other what you can.

CDs have included the young also. The give away, sometimes for a small donation, because the project money Paci don’t want to earn. Participation is free of charge. “It’s not about the money,” he says – even if you can use the donations from a charity concert, for example, to buy instruments. “A great support, but it is also, if we have a room or if a music teacher to support us voluntarily, and we make the Beat right,” says Paci, and grins.

Therefore, has enjoyed the group especially as the children’s aid organization “Children for a better World” for their commitment honored and invited to attend Workshops to Berlin. Paci, is modest and always says that he had the idea, the group decides, but for now, everything together, is proud of it. It shows the nomination certificate for the German prize for civic Engagement and the Video, in which Johnny Strange of the group Culcha Candela and his Band Plutoon congratulated.

On Instagram, the Band posted a picture of the award ceremony in Berlin. Another photo of a member showing five good-humored young people in front of the Brandenburg gate. “Colorful, wild and free – with my heart brothers from Albania, Syria and Libya!”.

a Lot of plans for the future of Plutoon

For the future of Plutoon Paci, the power of now for a year training as a hotel specialist, many plans. This year, the young man wants to play with his Band a concert in Frankfurt and a camping workshop to make, if the money is not enough. It T will be printed-Shirts with the Logo, and contacts with schools, to report on the project. Then the Band will need at some point a larger sample space, because when it comes to the Albanians, then Plutoon is expected to grow and the music will still be for many more young people the way to establish contacts and friendships.

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