As the “image”newspaper reported, to be held in the funeral even before the official mourning ceremony, the FC Schalke 04 hosts on Friday in the Urbanus Church in Gelsenkirchen-Buer. The case is before the local court in Recklinghausen.

“It is so sad that it had to come to this. That a court is to decide whether I would go to the grave of my father. He had wanted to, that I’m at the funeral,” said Assauer-daughter Katy to “image”.

lawyer of a half-sister Bettina wants. Katy today, Tuesday, answers

the family of The last Wednesday, the deceased former football Manager is deeply divided, there is raging a bitter noise to his funeral On the one hand, daughter Bettina Michel (53), which comes from a youth of love Assauers with Sonya, and Sabine mercenaries, the long-time Secretary of the Manager. On the other hand, daughter Katy (48) from the marriage to Inge, as well as of the two former life Beate Schneider (60) and Simone Thomalla (53) and their daughter Sophia (29) companions.

has The Problem: Bettina and mercenaries, the power of a General over Assauers death, do not want the Latter to have at the funeral. “I don’t know when and where he is buried,” Katy Assauer for “image”. “Dad’s Secretary has informed me that I will get no further information.”

Katy Assauer said: “The last Time I was allowed to meet him before one and a half years in a Restaurant”

you May want to know on this Tuesday. The lawyer of her half-sister Bettina has confirmed this to be the “image” that Katy gift of information around the funeral of father Assauer requested about your attorney, the out and a out-of-court agreement is striving for. He told her that she will receive on Tuesday a response.

Katy’s relationship with her father was, according to its own information very closely. So she had been at the time of diagnosis in Essen clinic Assauers page, and I accompanied him for half a year due to the therapy. “I have tried repeatedly to contact,” she says. “Because with such a disease, the family needs to pull together. But all was in vain. The last Time I was allowed to meet him before one and a half years in a Restaurant.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Sophia Thomalla takes with touching message farewell to a stepfather, Rudi Assauer, ak


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