14. September 2019, the iTAN method (“indexed transaction number”) for Online Banking customers history. To this date, the Second European payment service Directive in force. Defined in Detail, as Online payments are handled.

The Bank letter with a Hundred TANs

disappears in The i-TAN procedure to get the customer a letter your online banking application with a paper list, which contains mostly one hundred numbered (“indexed”) TAN numbers. If a Transfer is called the customer a number, it finds the valid TAN for the transaction.

The new guidelines require, according to a communication from the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, that the customers legitimize from the middle of September 2019, using the two factors for Online banking transactions. It is generated in addition to a TAN is still a dynamic authentication code. The i-TAN procedure is technically not in the situation – therefore, it must disappear. Existing TANs a iTAN list will lose their validity.

method with a TAN Generator or mobile-TAN are harder to crack

in the Future, more advanced authentication, are prescribed in procedures. For this purpose, key such as TAN-Generator , Photo-TAN or mobile TAN according to the consumer . They all offer a better protection against the abuse risk in Online Banking.

exceptions in the case of small click instructions possible is called an exception, in the case of the banks of the new strict requirements are able to foresee but not. This is possible, if the current payment amount is max 30 Euro . Then banks may waive an authentication with a TAN. But only if a maximum of five small piles of instructions and the total amount of such Transfers does not exceed 100 euros.

The consumer advocates point to the fact that the Bank is solely liable for any damage, if you’re on a so-called ‘ strong customer authentication, the new rules omitted. Customers are then exempted from any liability – if you have not caused the damage intentionally.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, The changes in the year 2019 mbe TAN-Generator iTAN Phishing consumer Association


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