One reason is the kinky subject position in the case of Andreas N. (50) food is safe. There is, according to his testimony probably no doubt that racism has played a role. But there are also notes on personal problems of the offender and on a previous psychotic illness. The unemployed should not have in the extreme right-wing Milieu operates.

However, the huge increase in attacks on shelters for asylum seekers in the year 2016 was not solely on the activities of organized right-wing extremists. In some cases, as yet, innocent citizens have been identified as suspects. They had wanted to prevent a settlement of asylum seekers in your area at any price, and even lives at risk.

criminal of the “Strangers” were different

perceived another reason is the personal concern from the point of view of experts. “In the case of an attack, such as in Bottrop, which is directed against foreigners or perceived foreigners, feels the majority of Germans are not personally affected. Because the fear of being a victim of such an act, for you is low,“ says the sociologist Alexander Yendell, one of the authors of the much-acclaimed long-term study of the University of Leipzig to authoritarianism.

Very different is the case in Amberg. In the case of offences committed by immigrants, there are basically two schools of thought. The trailer exchange in the public discourse again and again the same arguments. Here, you’re talking about, ultimately, each other.

The first group is of the view that any Offense of a Newcomer could have been prevented – namely the fact that he would not be got into the country. Who belongs to this group, will only allow very limited immigrants into the country, and only after a thorough examination of their origin and identity. Whether it is for offenders to rejected asylum seekers or recognised refugees, it plays no role in it. The AfD is about, in its pronouncements of “migrant violence” and “asylum-Criminal”.

The second group says, in effect: If more people are in the country, which leads inevitably to more crime, which is logical and not bad at all. In order to prevent a distorted perception, desire, especially politicians of the left party, the Greens and the SPD to focus more on those asylum seekers who integrate successfully.

Nevertheless, If people are perceived as Strangers, commit in groups of offences, as it is now in Amberg or in the night to the 1. January 2016 in front of the Cologne Central station, awakens the Fears, and resentments. When it comes to crimes the Alien committed, not only to one’s own physical integrity, but there is a further component. “As the feeling arises, then, quickly, it is also our values, our society, and their view of the world is in danger,” says Yendell. “Such a threat to the feelings of certain parties such as the AfD and groups like Pegida then.”

The Stranger as a scapegoat

The Stranger, he explains, is a scapegoat. The own Fears and anger would be projected onto this foreign-felt people. For Yendell is the founder of the xenophobic Pegida Alliance, Lutz Bachmann is a good example of this. Someone who “speaks constantly about criminal immigrants and even a long criminal record”.

And, as Marburger noted social psychologist, Ulrich Wagner as early as 2016, at the autumn conference of the Federal criminal police office: “the fear is not only a Problem for those who have, but fear is also a Problem for our society as a whole.” Especially in the modern world, where people feel fear, get on the Internet easily with people, which drives hatred, in contact. In their joint echo chambers both confirmation: the Fearful and the haters.

For many people this is attractive, warns Wagner. The psychologist says many people said about themselves, they wanted to put their Beliefs through the search for additional information in question. In reality, however, is usually rather to something else: “We don’t want to know if we are right, we want to know that we are right.”

FOCUS Online/Wochit What is the amok driver of Bottrop with Islamist terrorist has in common is the nuclear power plant/Reuters


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