this idea would not change the “German environmental aid”: On a web page, from left Autonomous, an approximately one-minute how-to video was released that shows how you could manipulate the measuring stations for particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in inner-cities. By bleeds diesel exhaust gases with a foot pump at the exhaust of a car “” and then directly in front of the Sensors of the stations is applying. So, allegedly, the fine-dust measurements could be 20 percent increased. It is demonstrated in the Video at one Station in the state of Hesse, and on the Friedberger Landstrasse in Frankfurt – complemented by the hint: “The best night”. private On a platform of extreme Left-wing should be shown in a “Tutorial” on how you could finely crush the dust readings to the top drive

“diesel lobby”

What looks, at first glance, a bad joke, seem to have the makers of the video seem to be taken seriously. That such measures were applied and organized group behind it, is rather unlikely. The corresponding page, and the Video is no longer available. FOCUS Online secured Screenshots of the page as well as a copy of the video, however. The “Tutorial fine dust measurement stations manipulate action in readings exceed”, therefore, stands under the Motto “the car companies is the combat and the “diesel lobby smash”. private pump Siphoning of Diesel exhaust gases with a hand – in order to confuse the measuring stations? That would, in practice, hardly flaps

theoretically, you could outsmart with such methods, although the stations, as a Measurement expert at the Karlsruhe Institute for technology FOCUS Online However, there is a lot of simpler methods: “you could do it with a chainsaw running and, theoretically, even a candle under the Sensor to light.”

manipulations could not change the measured values decisive

Should actually hope for environmental activists to force such methods of driving bans, quasi, you would have poor chances, says Stefan Jacobi from the Hessian state office for environment, nature conservation and Geology to FOCUS Online. The office for the stations responsible. “So far we have no evidence to indicate that readings may have been manipulated to the measuring stations in Frankfurt. In principle, it is possible to achieve by a direct task of higher concentrated in air from, for example from the exhaust gases of a certain effect. As primitive as shown in the picture, I consider, however, is very unlikely to achieve a really significant impact, which could remain undetected,” says Jacobi.

the stations can’t

be monitored A real impact on limit value-relevant variables, such as mean values of the Measurement,-the expert considers to be hardly conceivable. “A really, extremely high short-term Peak in the data, such signals would have to occur with a greater frequency, in order to increase a relevant mean value significantly,” says Jacobi.

A video surveillance of the stations is for privacy reasons not possible. But the example shows the importance of reliable measuring stations and their independent regulatory evaluation.



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