“I felt completely out of place,” begins a Four-on-one interview after the group date. In this set, Bachelor Andrej Mangold knows what’s about to happen. After all, Isabell, Luisa and Nathalie have pulled the rip cord. And now the next woman throws.

No more time

“We have never spent time alone with each other. Maybe it would not work and even if we spend several hours of each other,“ explains the 24-year-old Jade your doubts. With the five other remaining candidates, Andrei is much more, she says in the RTL-Trailer for the show on Wednesday.

Screenshot RTL

you have asked yourself, what are you doing still in the show, admits the 24-Year-old from Cologne, Germany. “We both know that the time that still remains, is much too short to know each other better,” she says and adds: “And that…” The sentence she does not speak to the end. She pulls the rip cord, it will still clear. “Oh man, Jade,” says Andrei, and looks past her into the Distance.

So Bachelor Andrei

stops responding During Jade in the Four-on-one interview with Andrei pours out her heart, not from him a lot. A surprised “Really?”, a verblüfftes “crass” – a in the distant tail view. Whether he’s thinking about jade’s words or the fact that now the Fourth to drop out voluntarily?

Whether or not the Bachelor is responding but still emotional on jade’s departure and whether or not another candidate in front of the home dates, grabs the suitcase, is to be seen on Wednesday at 20.15 clock on RTL.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit flirting During the Bachelor’s degree in RTL, fall Ex-teammates from the Faith, from glb


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