at The end of last year the rise in prices was, however, attenuated The annual inflation rate fell from 2.5 per cent in November to 1.8 per cent in December. A partial rise in the prices of food contributed. These were in December, by 0.5 percent higher than in the corresponding month of the previous year. The prices of fruit decreased in comparison even to 5.2 percent. More expensive vegetables (up 7.2 percent). Alone, in the case of potatoes, there was a price increase of 27.2 percent.

Significantly higher prices for the energy supply of goods in December: oil was 14.3 per cent more expensive, with petrol and Diesel, it was 9.7 percent. Electricity prices increased only slightly, by 0.5 percent. Gas was 1.3 percent less than in December 2017.

For the monthly consumer price index (CPI) rise 18 price investigators on behalf of the Statistical office of around 20 000 individual prices. The change of the thus determined index value compared to the previous year is also referred to as the inflation rate.



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