The churches are empty, as are the offices of The district Hersfeld of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck was dissolved at the beginning of the year, the new district of Hanau-Hersfeld summarizes the Church districts Hersfeld, Rotenburg, and Schmalkalden. The members of the households in the rural Bad Hersfeld the least, says Dean Sabine goiter-Brandau, who must now care for a blow 100 for more chaplains. According to recipes to make the old Church more attractive for young people, will be sought.

regional Bishop Sabine goiter-Brandau is a pastor of pastors and is aware of the mood on the base: “The decline in the spiritual regret the most: You lose today, even older people, you have baptized, and married. There is a solidarity among the believers, the stay develops. We cannot stop the change but we need to get him through this.” Not only the society, but also the age structure of the Church personnel changes: “We have to get up to 2026 with 400 parish priests – now there are 150 more. Until then, many retire for reasons of age. At the same time, the members did not decline in front of our Church: In the year 2000, we still had a Million members, in 2018, there were only about 800,000. A fifth of the believers has left us in this time.”

The parish of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck are action areas of the regional bishops, who exist in large churches, to delegate Episcopal functions. The restructuring of these areas was actually being considered until 2026, due to personnel changes, the country has decided the conversion of Synod but for 2019: “At first glance, it looks paradoxical, just Hersfeld to resolve, in rural areas there is not the slightest decline in membership. Especially in comparison with Kassel and Hanau – there, it also takes a very different approach to the people. But geographically, this district is easier to restructure,” said Sprengel. For the Dean, which advises in addition to pastoral activities, also Church members of the management Board and various committees of the regional Church is a member, means the conversion of more of the same: “four Districts of our country Church three: Hersfeld, Waldeck-Marburg and Kassel. For me, this means longer driving distances to the next municipality, there is also a Provost is eliminated. We remaining regional bishops have set us so and considering what is the need to adjust our activities, we are.”

Despite the decline in the goiter-Brandau hopes that the timeless message of the Church is again more popular: “The pastor now are developing common approaches, especially in the area of worship, there are a lot of Innovative, appeals to the people direct. We have in Bad Hersfeld good experience with the event ‘Bible to go’, in the town Church, the Event has shown to be the tears, heavy and light as a feather’, that other formats are desired.” (Marius Auth)

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