For 2015, the Bamberger improvisation theatre Ensemble “seriousness of life”. First, the merger of the free movement of actors and musicians through the improvised murder mystery spoof “Tarte d’place” was known. In the first year of existence, the first five, now eight free actors and musicians developed an entertaining Format for the brewery-Bamberg Region: “brewer seeks wife”. 16. and on 30. It is the next performances in the hall of the brewery Keesmann in the wonder of the castle.

comparisons of the craft occupations, farmer and brewer are for the Ensemble is not relevant. With regard to the very summer of 2018, but Felix Forsbach notes smugly that the farmers are suffering from the climate warming, the thirst for beer, however, is as large as never.

The Ensemble played the first season of “brewer seeks wife” in the year 2015, is changing the game locations and found from last year, the “perfect venue” in the hall of the brewery Keesmann. There, the atmosphere was thanks to the space, ambience and of course the right food, and the nearby availability of beer in large quantities at the Best. In addition, you’ll receive the actor of the family Keesmann and your Team every year, very open and friendly.

In contrast to the previous always sold-out performances of “brewer seeks wife” in the brewery Keesmann, the Ensemble has revised the Format for 2019: “We will back the brewers and Brewers more in focus and in close-UPS of the biographies of the protagonists on the stage.”

what the protagonists of both the brewing, as well as the umwerbenden Guild it is, can’t say the Ensemble, because everything is specified on the relevant night by the audience and the entire plot of the media satire as a spontaneous improvised staging brought to the stage. “We are pleased, therefore, to all the viewers, which bring us with requirements through the evening. And don’t be afraid in improvisational theater, the ,Serious of life’ no one on the stage, as the Ensemble is always,” assured Felix Forsbach.

The further development of the Format, “brewer seeks wife” is not the least of it, that in the last time, the Ensemble of five to eight professional artists has increased. The “youngest” addition is the Pianist and conductor Dominik Tremel – not least by him, it is the “seriousness of life” is always musical. The Ensemble is, of course, the ensemble primarily a theatre, but it could occur in the meantime as a Band and have just recorded in the last months, many of the Songs.

“brewer seeks wife” to the Ensemble of the “seriousness of life” the lonely brewmaster, and contributes to the greatest happiness: love. In their natural environment, the master of the mash of girl and bodice are allowed to dream, their feelings free rein.

dates 16. and 30. January, 20 PM (last admission 18 hrs), the hall of the brewery Keesmann

cards Tel. 0151 41234560 (answering machine) or

credits Jakob Fischer, Peter Florian Berndt and Dominik Tremel (musician) and Olga Seehafer, Johanna forest Hoff, Felix Forsbach, Nicole Heinemann and Thomas Paul Mann (actor).

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