The spokesman of Pope Francis is completely resigned surprisingly in the midst of turbulent times for the Vatican. The Pontiff had accepted the resignation of the previous chief of the press office, Greg Burke, and his Deputy, Paloma García Ovejero, informed the Vatican on Monday. Interim chief now, the former Social Media coordinator for the communications Department, the Italian Alessandro Gisotti.

For a long time, the Vatican is still struggling with the restructuring of its communications Department, to bring the media to work on the amount of time.

The American Journalist Burke had taken over the office in front of around two and a half years as the first Anglo-axis. “Paloma and I to the 1. January back. We think it is the best that the Holy father is at this time of change in the Vatican’s communication completely free, a new Team,” tweeted Burke. García Ovejero had worked prior to the commencement in the Vatican for the Spanish Radio, she was the first woman in the Post in the press room.


the Director of The communications Dicastery, Paolo Ruffini, as an “Autonomous and free choice” of the two speakers. It is a “difficult way now”, “this important Reform”.

recently, the Vatican’s leading Offices had to be occupied in the communication Department. Editor-in-chief of all media of the papal state, the Italian Journalist Andrea Tornielli, who had reported for the newspaper “La Stampa” for years, the Vatican is now.

again and again there is information margins, which had to iron out the press office. Francis is also known for it alone, and that he likes to speak freely of the liver.

Vatican with a new Team through stormy times

ships With the resignation of two experienced journalists, the Vatican ships, now with a new Team through stormy times: Currently, the Catholic Church, especially because of the abuse scandals in various countries in the criticism. The Pope himself is accused of doing not enough against pedophile clergy. In February, a summit on abuse will be held in Rome, which is regarded as “historic”. The international media onslaught, and the expectations will be big – the first big challenge for the new Team.

The interim head of Gisotti has worked for Vatican Radio and also a member of the editorial was the Manager there. The 44-year-old studied political scientist, spoke on Monday of a “particularly challenging task,” waiting on him.

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