As the news site “Liverpool Echo” reports that felt the then-35-year-old Angharad Pulford a sharp pain in her forehead and her left leg, as she fed her newborn daughter Aoife. “The pain was so strong, I thought, ‘this is how it feels to be shot.'”

“When I tried to get up, to put Aoife back in her bed, I noticed that my leg was numb,” says Pulford. Initially, she thought that this was due to an unfavorable Position while sitting.

“thought for a Minute how serious the situation was,”

The next day, the mother of two broke down as she prepared Breakfast for her daughters. Although her husband was Worried, she thought “not a Minute how serious the situation was.”

Since she drinks only a little alcohol, neither a Smoker nor overweight, it took four days to get the final diagnosis. There are different Tests were carried out, but in the end, it was clear that the young woman had suffered a stroke.

“you believe that I squeezed in the birth may be too tight, so that one is ripped of my carotid arteries,” says the now 39-Year-old. Symptoms of a stroke

  • visual impairment, for example, with a limited field of vision, or double vision
  • voice disorders, in particular difficulties with the pronunciation and the name of items or objects
  • balance disorders
  • dizziness and Nausea
  • sudden headache

stroke risk in young people

the increase was Particularly striking, that a young woman of 35 years suffered a stroke. However, for young people, the risk of stroke, such as international study increases evidence.

Within the past ten years, the number of strokes increased seizures among the 18 – to 34-year-old women was 32 percent. In the male comparison group, there were at least 15 percent.

reasons for this may be an unhealthy lifestyle, characterized by Smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumption and Obesity.

As in the free case,

After her diagnosis Angharad Pulford was stationed for 18 days in various clinics and on wheelchair. You had to learn to walk, to climb stairs. To keep her newborn daughter, she had to practice with a doll.

“It was like to be in the air to be thrown and fall freely,” says Pulford. She struggled with the loneliness and the enormous physical change.

help for people in similar situations

Meanwhile, feels the 39-Year-old almost as good as before their stroke and want to help people in similar situations. At the end of January, she was honored with the “Life After Stroke Award” (life after the stroke price).

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit So you can recognize the dangerous harbingers of stroke tiz


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