Easy would it be for Franziska S. had not been to make himself inconspicuous of the socks: With two goats, a stallion and a Pony in tow, it is not so easy to hide from the police. The Hofbetreiberin reported fled on the Friday before the officials wanted to take that away from her in a RAID of their animals, “image”.

Hans was at the court

by the end of 2018, the veterinary office was in control of the property by Franziska S. in Radegast and deficiencies found: The water were covered in ice. Regina Elze (64), which once brought mini pig Hans the sanctuary, told “image”: “Franziska had a lot of bad luck. The house is not burned down, since then it looks here, unfortunately, as beautiful as before. But the animals are always cared for, have a spacious run and plenty of water.“

The officials were in the RAID, however, empty, the only mini pig Hans found you at the court. “I couldn’t take that, Hans, his heart is too weak,” said Franziska. s. the “image”. She thinks she’s well hidden: “I brought the animals in safety, because the allegations of the district are baseless.” The animals were well, said Franziska S., and stated that it would only come back, “when everything is settled.”

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