“have you had two chances, and this especially in the last year were not used at all, on the contrary. Therefore, the pressure is already on it, it is something,“ said Rosberg, the German press Agency.

Vettel had to beat in the previous year, a good chance, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in the fight for the title, but also due to own fault, miss the edge and the Scuderia of the attack. Vettel was behind Hamilton in Second. His four world titles, the 31-Year-old to 2013 took all of them with Red Bull, the next attempt starts at the 17. March at the first race of the season in Melbourne, Australia.

In the case of Ferrari it comes to the exchange of the Finns Kimi Raikkonen to Clean a new constellation, because in the Monegasque Charles Leclerc (21) Vettel gets a new team of colleagues. “The Boy is on the Gas. He is on a different Level than Kimi, who was the clear number two,” said Rosberg: “Leclerc is full go to number one and it will be interesting to see how Sebastian deals with it and how the ranking at Ferrari in the future will be.” Vettel was “of course, one of the best drivers ever, but the boy Leclerc is also very strong,” said the native of Wiesbaden.

More half of Rosberg, according to the latest rule changes, new balance of forces in the king class. “The cars will be quite different, and it can now be very large differences in Performance,” said Rosberg, and added: “Maybe Mercedes is now no longer the dominant force? I’m very excited.“

in addition, the 33-Year-old hopes prior to the start of the season at the 17. March in Australia and a stronger Red-Bull-Team. “That would be great, because last year it was the most exciting race, as they were on the front line. Clearly Mercedes is still the big favorite, but it can also mix through a lot,“ said Rosberg, who will be watching the season as a TV expert for RTL. After winning his drivers ‘ title with Mercedes, he was kicked in 2016.

and Then Valtteri Bottas got the silver arrows vacated the Cockpit. The Finns Rosberg is confident in his third season with the factory team to world champion Lewis Hamilton more attack. “Bottas can do more than he has shown. If he has a very good Start to the season, and Lewis loses part of the Motivation, what happens to him sometimes and he falls into a kind of valley, can change so a dynamic very much,“ said Rosberg.

Mercedes has won in 2014, five times in a row, both the driver as well as the constructors ‘ title in formula 1.

Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas and Raikkonen without a clarified future – formula 1 quake in the paddock? FOCUS Online/Wochit Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas and Raikkonen without a clarified future – formula 1 quake in the paddock?

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