After a first Overview, it was stated that the files for the most part, logs to operations, informed the Helios Klinikum Buch on Wednesday. The review of the documents – several Thousand documents from the Communist era and the early post cold war period – was not yet completed. They had been Packed in five boxes and to the clarification of the process in the archive of the hospital is secured.

“such is the scale of the files finds is rare,” said a spokeswoman for the Berlin data protection officer Maja Smoltczyk. This test rules in the process now of possible breaches of privacy, for a comprehensive evaluation it is still too early. Need a comprehensive explanation of what was wrong, said the spokesperson. The hospital management informed that it intended to approximately inform of 25,000 Affected, to the extent possible.

Vacant Area owned by the Land of Berlin

the book has been for many decades, a large hospital site. In GDR times, is a municipal hospital, as well as two specially secured for the Public, inaccessible hospitals in the government and the Stasi on the spacious Grounds. In 2001, the clinic of the Helios has been taken over group, in 2007, moved large parts in new buildings. Today, the vacant, by a fence, surrounded and guarded Area belongs to the state of Berlin and managed by the subsidiary BIM.

“The relocation of the old hospital of the book to its current location appear to have been files left in an old building. We are very sorry and will solve the issue as quickly as possible,” said the managing Director of the hospital Berlin-Buch, Sebastian Heumüller. The move was much to be done to ensure that there is no protection of trusted information will remain in old buildings. “Unfortunately, we find now that there appears to be a of the files was the closet to be overlooked.”

signs of Burglary may involve theft, or sheer vandalism

To the roles of the files Fund came after the presentation of the hospital in consequence of an – unspecified – reference. Then it gave BIM a walk-through of the building, in which the files were found in a closet. The police is investigating the case because of suspicion of aggravated theft, a spokeswoman said. According to information from the BIM intrusion traces were found in the building. If files are missing, is unclear. It could also be a case of simple vandalism.

The Federal Commissioner for the Stasi documents, Roland Jahn, observed the acts Fund with attention. There should be evidence that the Stasi documents are must be according to the law, the authority reported how a spokesman explained. Archivists will check the papers. You should actually originate from the GDR state security, the Stasi archive.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit WDR reporter goof is in question to Lavrov, the responsive “quick-witted” mkm/dpa Stasi-past of the Stasi documents authority GDR historical Fund


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