Russia’s Top biathlete Anton Schipulin ended his career. According to the latest Doping allegations the 31-Year-old will not return to the world Cup and will be on Saturday at the World Team Challenge in Gelsenkirchen to take his leave. “This race for me is the last in my professional career. I made the serious decision,” said the season-the Olympic champion of 2014 on Tuesday. In the Schalke football arena, he occurs together with Ex-world champion Ekaterina Jurlowa-Percht.

it starts on Saturday at 15.30.

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Due to alleged training backlog-St ski hunter, this Winter, no races. In January, he wanted to shock, to health back in the world elite to return, but it is not. Schipulin recently hit the headlines, because the Austrian authorities are under investigation for doping suspicion shots. It deals specifically with infringements at the world Cup 2017 in Hochfilzen. There Schipulin had won the Men’s team the gold medal.

Schipulin Doping could never be proved

Schipulin protested, however, against any doping suspicion. “I have the Anti-Doping rules can never hurt. I have always completed, in good conscience, all the doping tests,” he wrote in the social networks. Even if Doping could never be proven, and there were previously no concrete suspicions against him, had not admitted the International Olympic Committee in February to the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

This decision, as well as the actions of the police a few days ago in Austria were for the elfmaligen world Cup winner good reasons, to finish his career as a St ski hunter is now quite early, said Schipulin. “We were prepared for this good Start. We have successfully played”, he said with a view to the winter games.

saying goodbye to Björndalen/Domracheva,

And it is not the only goodbye: The Biathlon legend Ole Einar Björndalen, who denies just as his wife, Darya Domracheva, on Saturday at the World Team Challenge in Gelsenkirchen, as his farewell race.

“I am really very. Because the race in Germany, a great atmosphere is always, and Schalke was one of the best events,” said Bjoerndalen. For decades, the exception-rounder is also one of Germany’s most popular St ski hunter, the language he mastered perfectly.

OLE Einar Bjoerndalen and Domracheva had finished their successful careers after the preseason and not this Winter, at the Start, instead, they devote themselves to family life with the two-year-old daughter Xenia.

these are the Biathlon Stars on Schalke

the Title of the Duo Björndalen/Doratschewa is, meanwhile, is in a class by itself. In the top-class starting field with ten Teams Franziska Preuss and Simon Schempp and Denise Herrmann and Benedikt Doll to fight for the victory for Germany. In addition, among other things, the Austrians Lisa Theresa Hauser/Dominik landertinger, the Italian top athletes, Dorothea Wierer and Lukas Hofer, as well as the Ukrainians Julia Dzyma and Artem Pryma.

two-time Biathlon world champion Erik Lesser (Frankenhain) and Vanessa Hinz (Schliersee) have cancelled their participation at the World Team Challenge on Saturday in Gelsenkirchen. Lesser complains more about back problems, which prevented the least of his Start at the world Cup in Nove Mesto. Hinz disease is caused.

In the previous year had won the Russin Ekaterina Jurlowa-Percht with your team-mate Alexei Volkov.

The schedule on Schalke

  • Ab 11:00 Uhr: Opening of the venue and the winter village
  • 12:00 PM: beginning of the framework programme
  • 14:30: Opening of the VELTINS-Arena
  • 14:40 PM: Shoot the “German Team Challenge”
  • at 15:05: Shootout-competition “German Team Challenge”
  • 15:30: Start Biathlon on Schalke
  • 16:15 Uhr: honoring of the winner of the German Team Challenge
  • 16:25 PM: the finals of the snow-ball-battle-world Cup
  • at 16:55: Zeroing JOKA Biathlon WTC
  • at 17:10: Shootout-competition JOKA Biathlon WTC
  • 17:30: Opening Ceremony
  • at 18:15: mass start races JOKA Biathlon WTC
  • 19:00 PM: show act “light look” in the VELTINS-Arena
  • 19:30: tracking the race JOKA Biathlon WTC
  • at 20:10: Honoring the winners JOKA Biathlon WTC
  • 20:15 PM: closing ceremony

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