This is history. For months, the domicile is empty. And the town hall-visitors ask: How is it here? Plans for the redevelopment have been around for longer. Happened, but still nothing. Because the ideas can only become a reality if the district can be pulled in.

In the autumn of last year, moved out of the Italian Eatery. The lease ran out, the city wanted to prolong it. Instead, the area should be reshaped in the beginning of the 90s-built annexe to a modern, representative entrance area, in the civil service. So it is announced, at least, the Lord mayor Armin Schenk (CDU) in the February of 2017, just before he took office. “And we,” says the mayor.

“Our goal is to establish a common Bürgeramt of the city and County”

For the civil service, he sees as an important issue. Therefore, the FIU was already in may 2017 to Bitterfeld town hall returned. The next thrust of the city, these services also mobile offer, failed. The public case made it no longer exists.

Still, the city sees large reserves. Therefore, city hall is not provided for in the bitter fields, a quick-to-do transformation, but rather a larger litter.

“Our goal is to establish a common Bürgeramt of the city and County,” says Schenk. We have coordinated with the district administrator Uwe Schulze (CDU). However, the Details would have to be discussed. The conversion will not be easy. One must look carefully which rooms you need.

City staff and offices, where once a guest room, and kitchen goods

However, the benefits of such a common starting point are obvious: “We would get a joint municipal the people in the center of the city,” says the WHETHER. “That’s different, than if you go in the tube road.” In addition, citizens do not always have knowledge about the specific responsibilities of city and district administration know and would then have to be sent. In the town hall that would be all in the same place and would save the citizens the trails.

First changes to be implemented in the short term. Inside a guest room could be Smoking, where also, the city order service can be accommodated. With a few modifications, is feasible. Considerably more complex is the conversion of the existing kitchen into an office space. “Because you have to make right what,” said Schenk.

A small embellishment at the town hall, is already at the end of last year,

And also in the currently empty glass extension, you must do something to be able to use it to happen. In conversation, for instance, where the city information with the sale of regional products. How is that compatible with the foyer idea, but can show only the specific plans.

is found in the city hall, but the letter of choice locally is probably a lot of feed. It is set up before the municipal elections – as well as in the town hall, Wolfen. A small embellishment at the town hall, has already happened at the end of last year: The old town of portal was again dressed to the nines and the country’s coat-of-arms shines in fresh colors. (mz)

This article was written by Frank Czerwonn

*The post “town hall of Bitterfeld: What follows on the Restaurant “Bella Italia”?” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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