Benjamin Schaschek and Hannes Koch met at sound engineering studies in Berlin, then Ben goes to Australia and makes his Master. When he is finished, he calls Hannes, if he would sail back with him, you will be able to make a music project. Hannes had been in his life, never been on a boat. But if you want to make music, you have to want to learn something, he thought, getting on the plane and flies to Australia. Ben buys a boat, they call it, Marianne, and sailing. In the Luggage: a guitar, A Bass, two Laptops, and sufficient sound equipment. It is the birth of the “Sailing Conductors”.

the Route of The sounds © “Sailing Conductors” Float magazine was The sound of your compass

A musical trip around the world under sail, it should be. On five continents, they wanted to meet a musician, you make music and record them. Their Route had a sound, and your compass was the music. As far as the winds and the flow allowed it.

“For me anyway is to music constantly,” says Hannes, as we sit in the gloomy January for coffee and cake in the float-editorial. “The most beautiful sound for me was when we came out of the harbour, sailing and the engine accounted for – shortly thereafter the music came on.” They had a car radio with the boxes on Board. In addition to the sailing, you edited the music, which they had taken, cut, the, movies, updated their Website. Because on the sea they had the time and leisure to work in a creative way.


Sometimes they were lucky, and friends have recommended them to a musician, but most of the time, the Meet went very spontaneously. “When You arrive in Madagascar, You know first anyone. Since You’re talking about holding the people who hang out in the bar. And who know maybe someone. Anyone know always anyone.“ They said to the people: We want to make with you music. We want to accommodate you. And they asked if you wanted to play the piece as well. And then the musicians have played their voice.

a piece

“We were not able to record a whole Band, and we had the space and the equipment.” So you have taken the musicians individually. Hannes saw Jack on a motor boat pass by. The saw Marianne, the Logo and came over. That’s how it started. They filmed him with his Song Radiate in Trinidad Tobago. He had written the piece, as he sailed from Cape town to Brazil. They took the Song, and other musicians played their Part. Came out of a real piece of world music.


“If we had not done the project, we would have been 4.5 years on the road together. It was like a Musikerehe between us, it has worked very harmoniously.“ Ben was in charge of the boat, Hannes the crewman was. He sailed until today never alone, also he may. That was always Ben’s Job.

they were. a couple of weeks in country and then again for a week on the sea Because her course was the music and not the winds or the weather, that was not entirely easy. And in between you had to often make a large impact. Jimmy Cornell in his book “sailing routes of the world” was their Guide. “And he has us stressed out constantly,” says Hannes.

was Taken on Land

While Benny skipperte especially sat Hannes mostly on the computer. “I am in the process become the master of energy saving. At the beginning we had two solar panels with 65 Watt, on Board, was rather scarce. In India, we have bought us in addition to a 2 sqm solar panel that had the 200 Watt. And we had a wind generator for bad weather. That was more than enough.“

most of The sailors they met along the way, were much older. Pensioners, who wanted to fulfil their dream, as Paul from South Africa. The also had an Instrument on Board, a Keyboard, on which he made but more Shanty-music. With it, you have been jamming.

The sound recordings © “Sailing Conductors” Float magazine

you have Taken the musicians to the country. The movies were important, to show that the music was created on the spot. Only once you have been jamming on the boat, because it was forbidden in the harbour. With 15 people on Board: guitars, accordion, violins, singing.

A barmaid takes you

At the Start on the Solomon Islands, she took a barmaid to the Farewell party of a friend. Here they recorded the first Song. It was a crazy mood: All sang, in harmony, and the children of a second voice sang to the voice of your neighbors. It was great, says Hannes.


Long were you in Brazil on the way and met many great musicians. “A friend had written to us: I know Juan in Rio, get in touch with him. So we went to Juan and learn his Band and took them in. This time, we were able to start directly with a musician. And we didn’t have to get to know the guitar playing Cousin of the friend of the brother.“


Benni had bought Marianne a small five-figure sum from his heritage. The ship was fully equipped and could immediately. Hannes’ parents contributed to the beginning of the Necessary for the month. Benny and Hannes wrote articles, took photos and films, which they sold. After the first album release, it already went without the support of the parents.

they came to the end of 2015. They made an Album and went three months on Tour. To gave a dozen you are 42 concerts with the musicians who had recorded on-the-go. They travelled in a vintage Bus through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Lectures, concerts, a book and another plate followed.

1,500 hours of film material

But the Sailing Conductors have not only produced two albums, but from their trip around the world nearly 1,500 hours of footage Film brought. Micha Schulze, Jack’s head has been cut resulting in nine months of a Film, and Volker Wulf contributed the graphical effects and titles. Hannes the movie mix of the 28 Songs in Dolby Surround 5.1.


Together with the Ocean Film Tour, you will go from 17. March on a promo tour and then the movie comes out in theaters. Planned cinema start in mid-may.

This article was written by Kerstin Zillmer

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