“We have often concluded contracts that were dramatically overpaid,” says Hoffmann of the “image”newspaper: “We need to see that we take more than we spend. Also, we were not able to in the last few years.”

in the medium term, Hoffmann wants to lead the HSV back into calmer water. “On the development of the next few years, a core set is, we want to be a normal football Club”, says the Manager: “We went with announcements, promises, and large-scale visions in the last few years, bad.”


The HSV had announced the Eighth Time in a row in its financial Straits that in future the salaries of the players on the Elbe at a Million euros per year in the 2. League one and two million are frozen in the Bundesliga.

For the eighth Time in a row, the team wrote, now in the red, the fiscal year 2017/18, it was closed with a Minus of 5.8 million euros. The liabilities amount to € 85.4 million (previous year: 105.5 million euros).



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