“in our view, suffered by the customer neither losses nor damage,” she said in an Interview with “Handelsblatt”. You regret the fact that diesel drivers of VW feel cheated, she explains in the interview, but stresses: “For customer complaints, there are, in our view, no legal basis”. The vehicles were “safe and roadworthy”.

For your statements, you conceded, now to severe criticism on the part of the policy. “The Comments made by Mrs Werner are bold, not clarify, however, that VW is taking the legitimate criticism of the affected diesel driver, and many politicians seriously,” said Germany’s consumer protection Minister Reinhold Jost (SPD) to the “Handelsblatt”.

He is now calling for a response from the Federal government. “If the Federal government is not unique in the sense of the consumer position, it facilitates it is companies such as Volkswagen, get away and fiddle with, may continue to be,” he said. Because the group is let, as before, “no sense of guilt” should be the message to VW: “market power is not a license for fraud, market power is responsibility.”, the SPD politician said.

VW paid several million to the lawyers

the traffic political speaker of the SPD-Federal group, and Kirsten Lühmann, leaving you with a response not long to wait. She told the “Handelsblatt” that it now is important, “trust in the German automotive industry, to restore”. The statements by Hiltrud Werner were in this process, “not helpful,” says Lühmann to the “Handelsblatt”. “Much rather, the manufacturers should strive to retrofit support as far as possible, and to Fund,” said the company.

Michael Theurer, Vice-head of the FDP, said: “the fact That, of all things, in the case of VW, which is located further to the part state-owned, so little understanding of the consequences of their own actions predominates, is highly problematic”. And further: “it is Clear that, For the customer’s economic loss due to the losses incurred.”

In the Interview, Hiltrud Werner with the “Handelsblatt” has confirmed that the Diesel-scandal have cost the company as much as 28 billion euros. Alone the attorney’s fees would have summed up, in the meantime, “the high three-digit million amount”. In 2019, spending for the lawyers to continue to rise.

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