The oppositional CDU-fraction announced on Thursday that it had requested for next Tuesday a special meeting of the Committee. “Sex offender, a murderer, and now a right-wing extremist: In Brandenburg offenders are walking free, because the judiciary is understaffed,” said group chief Ingo Senftleben. “Judges and prosecutors have warned for years, but the SPD and the Left have remained idle.” Schneider was sentenced in February 2017 for an arson attack on a planned refugee accommodation in Nauen (Havelland) and other offences to nine and a half years in prison. The judgment is not appealable. The Federal court had it annulled. Since last October, the revision process is in Potsdam.

Already at the beginning of September, the OLG had left because of the murder of his wife condemned man because of the excessive length of the proceedings. At the time, justice had given to the Minister, Stefan Ludwig (Left), that the courts were burdened due to staff reductions. In this specific case, it had acted to “individual errors” of the presiding judge, have the minutes of the negotiations too late.



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