Brendon Hartley has to say goodbye after only one season in formula 1 again. His achievements in the year of 2018 were not able to convince Red Bull and Toro Rosso to extend his contract. In retrospect, it is clear that the new Zealander was at the front of Pierre Gasly, the slower Pilot. However, he does not want to draw this conclusion. He was proud of his development in the season and had his team-mates very Often in the handle …

“I am very happy and proud of how I’ve developed. I was able to boost me and put me in difficult situations to assert,” says the 29-Year-old. Hartley was committed to operations after a few Run in 2017, as a master pilot for 2018, after he was readmitted to the Red Bull squad. The conversion of the world endurance championship (WEC) turned out to be more difficult than I thought.

After seven years, he has sat in any formula car, rose Hartley 2017 in the United States for the first time in a formula 1 car. In all, he won 25 races in the Premier class. A year later, he won in Austin with the ninth in its best placement. Overall, he managed three times in the Top 10. Particularly important for Hartley is his development in the current season. “The invitation phase took a little longer than I originally thought,” he must confess.

Hartley: “I was in some race to the front”

Nevertheless, he has beaten, according to his own perception of team-mate Gasly “regularly”. This is not reflected in the result table. A total of 15 Times he had to do in the Qualifying round behind the French, with just the Honda-technology, a number of Criminal misalignments had caused, distorting the image. But the fact is: Gasly was in the cut 0,822 seconds faster than Hartley. The better results are also to the account of Gasly: P4 in Bahrain stands out clearly, with a 5:4 points results, he also wins this comparison against Hartley.

“I was able to beat my team-mates regularly, I’m really driven a good race. I understood how to set up the car for the race right to the vote. Of course, it was early in the season the opportunities that I let pass, but sometimes the lag is not in my Power. Of course, there were also moments where I could have been better”, the new Zealander its own balance sheet.

Especially in the second half of the season he had Gasly in the handle, says Hartley. “Particularly in the race. In the qualifying, not always, that was a close one. I was still in some races at the front.” A look at the results lists shows that Hartley was twice in front, Gasly four times (outages adjusted). The long-distance specialist, is convinced, to be better than the Red Bull movers. The house blessing in the Team already got in a collision in China first scratch, ever since the team orders-trouble in Brazil, this is definitively wrong.

Hartley: Have to Honda-rise contributed

“I know what I brought to the Team with my experience and my Knowledge, the professionalism and the team spirit. I do everything I can to focus on my performance. Everything else is not in my Power,” knew Hartley already before the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. He had to adjust to his termination, for 2019 Alexander Albon and for Toro Rosso at the start.

His performance on the track alone would not be decisive, there would be a “million other reasons included in the decision,” said Hartley. He is leaving the formula 1 , but not without a Gram. Because he had “an open account”, which he would like to settle in the future. Because he had contributed to the rise of Honda and thus, indirectly, also of Red Bull, who will work together in 2019 with the Japanese, helped.

“There were in each area of visible progress. Honda was definitely a big part of it. And I think I contributed my part, since I know a good background in the area of the complex hybrid system. The entire Team has grown.” The progress was especially apparent at two race weekends: in Japan and Mexico.

“With the race in, I am very satisfied, because we had no good race pace for various reasons. That was still one of the best races of the season”, says Ex-Porsche driver. Despite the punishment, car – and tyre damage, he was still “in the vicinity of the points” – on P14. “Another Highlight of the sixth was in Suzuka. My race in Austin, when I started as the Last, and then points got,” he says. “So there were quite a few of the Highlights.”

Many results were become in the second half of the season visible, Hartley. The he castle, than 19. with four points. “For me, this is a sign that I’ve done a good job. I didn’t evolve backwards, in spite of the high pressure. My age, my experience and maturity have helped me.”

This article was written by Maria Reyer, Co-author: Oleg Karpov

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