Brinkhaus is contrary to Schäuble: AKK “first access” to the Chancellor candidacy

Friday, 04. January, 0 p.m.: In contention for a possible candidacy for Chancellor of the CDU, the Chairman of the CDU/CSU Bundestag faction, Ralph brinkhaus, on the side of the new party Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, and thus is positioned against the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU). In an Interview with the FOCUS Brinkhaus said: “It is absolutely clear that you (Kramp-Karrenbauer) has the first access.” At the same time, brinkhaus said: “who will apply from the CDU in fact, for the Chancellery, but depends on Momentum, if the candidacy is pending”.

Schaeuble had rejected in an Interview this week, an automatic right of access Kramp cart Builder, on the Chancellor candidacy. On the question of whether the CDU can do that without Friedrich Merz to halve the AfD, said Brinkhaus: “We should not align our actions to other parties, but our own thing. We need to occupy as the CDU, the total of certain positions.“

Brinkhaus announced in the FOCUS in addition, the CDU will sharpen in the next few months, its profile as a party of the social market economy.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit AfD radicalized the Bundestag? Schäuble has a different opinion than Roth and Kubicki pto CDU SPD Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Horst Seehofer


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