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British Brexit-Minister: a New Referendum can survive country columns

Friday, 4 would. January, 0.26 at: , Shortly before the landmark vote in the British under the house on exiting the EU Treaty, warned Britain’s Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay before a new referendum. “A second Referendum would trigger even more disagreement. The current level in the UK is torn, would be small compared to the voltages that would cause a second vote. It would divide our Nation,” said Barclay of the “world” and other European Newspapers.

A second Referendum was not time before the European elections end of may, is also feasible. “Before the elections to the European Parliament, a Referendum can not take place. But then would have to take place in the UK European elections. What is the meaning of a huge democratic failure, because the citizens have voted for the exit, but now the end of may, yet again to choose,” he said.

The British Parliament is to vote on withdrawal in the third week of January on the Brussels negotiated contract over the EU. He is rejected – what it looks like so far, is in danger of on 29. March, an uncontrolled exit of the country from the EU. Thousands of rules for cross-border trade and traffic between the UK and the EU would abruptly be invalid. Border controls would have to be introduced. Given the delicate situation will be debated in the UK also via a further Referendum.

Barclay said: “We want to implement the Deal, and I’m sure we can drag Parliament on our side. This is quite clearly the priority of our government. But at the same time, we also know that there are only twelve weeks until the leaving date.”

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