Great Teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari benefit from their B-Teams in formula 1. Ferrari leaves, for example, on the work of Haas. The American Team is not just the engines of the Italians, but also many other components. It doesn’t have to go through the time-consuming development. However, McLaren managing Director Zak Brown does not believe that B-Teams can compete one day at the top.

“Haas has done an excellent Job,” says Brown. “The Team has operated with significantly less Budget than us and was very successful. I think, however, that Liberty Media will look at the business model of the B-team in formula 1.” Great Teams would benefit from the B-team and on the track is also the policy of the Partner would have played in the season in 2018 with a role. That is exactly what must be made according to the Brown in question.

“This is not what formula 1 is,” says the managing Director. “Haas got it to work but it’s good to stick to the rules. However, I don’t think a B-is able to compete Team ever with an a-Team.” Therefore, it is also a strategic question, such a partnership. In the short term, a small team, a B Team could benefit from the Know-how. In the medium to long term, however, it should be rather a shock for big success in the Premier class.

A B-Team had to bury his dreams to be able one day to fight for the title, always. Therefore, McLaren would be “never” as a B-Team to commit to. “Otherwise we would have to immediately throw in the towel and could no longer fight for the title,” said Brown. “That’s why we think it is very important that Liberty Media of any changes to 2021 looking at the model in terms of the rule.” According to Brown, all the Teams in formula 1 have the same chance to be competitive.

This article was not written by Dieter Rencken, Co-author: Andre Wiegold

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