your spanking tour began, the four young asylum seekers aged 17 to 19 years, therefore on Saturday evening in the station area: they beat an incoming travellers several times in the face. A few minutes later, they beat on the station forecourt on two other passers-by, and were then able to flee first.

explains How the police in relation to the “mittelbayerische Zeitung”, the terrifying scenes played. People have tried to escape the young. They had, however, been obtained. Some of them are thrown to the ground, kicked and beaten. As “brutal and unprovoked” referred to the officials of the fact. I have moved the Quartet in the direction of old town.

the young men to beat, literally. Initially, the police assumed that the seven injured. After detailed investigation, the officials increased this number late Sunday night to a total of twelve wounded. Most of them have been slightly injured, according to police.

“Peaceful and committed to asylum seekers a disservice

A 17-proved”-Year-old was wounded in the head and admitted for observation in a hospital. As reported by the police, the thugs, under the influence of alcohol.

Ambergs mayor Michael Cerny showed in the face of the incident shocked: “We do not need such violence in Amberg and you don’t want to see us,” he wrote on Facebook. “It may, of course, be generalized, in the entirety of these idiots have been proven but also the peaceful and dedicated to asylum seekers a disservice.”

officials are now looking for other witnesses and other possible Victims. Who can give information, should contact at the phone number 09621/890-0, with the police station in Amberg.

In the PCP 18-Year-old flees from the police and the mother goes to the Parking lot dead pk/dpa


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